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Petitioning Starts for GE food initiative in Denver
Volunteers are needed to put it on the Nov. 2001 ballot! Try it in your city too!

The Denver ballot initiative on GE food in schools cleared Denver district court
April 20. The ballot title which had been approved by the election commission, was
upheld and all allegations of the constestor were rejected. Now only 2,500 valid
petition signatures are needed by about May 8 to get the initiative on the Nov. 2001
ballot. (See below for some times and locations where petitioners are scheduled)

The proposed ordinance would make it "unlawful for any person to sell or distribute
on school premises, including through vending machines, any genetically engineered
food, until such food has been confirmed, through a successful food safety testing
assessment, safe for consumption by humans under eighteen (18) years of age."

Please read the full text of the initiative and the ballot title at www.bigg- If you are in another city besides Denver, feel free to file the
initiative where you are. (See "getting started" at the same website).

Once certified for the ballot, the initiative will be voted on in the November 2001
election in Denver which is being held primarily to elect school board members. It
may be the only such initiative on the ballot this year in the U.S. This will create
a tremendous opportunity for public awareness about the need to require thorough
safety testing of genetically engineered food.

Steve Druker of the Alliance for BioIntegrity wrote the powerful declaration. Steve
coordinated the lawsuit against the FDA with about a dozen top scientists and an
equal number of religious leaders as plaintiffs. The key points used in the
declaration are routinely censored by the U.S. media but once the initiative is on
the ballot, the entire text must be published by law in a major newspaper three
times before the election. Getting the signatures is critical to create this

Please urge your friends in Denver to sign the petition.

Anyone who can help collect signatures should send an email to If
you have a group from which 50 or more signatures can easily be obtained at one time
please include that in the e-mail as well.

As of Wednesday May 2, the following dates, times and locations will have
volunteers. More volunteers are needed.

May 3, Thursday 11-1pm Wild Oats, 900 East 11th Ave. (Capitol Hill)
May 4, Friday 11-1pm Alfalfa's, 870 So. Colorado Blvd.
May 5, Saturday, 11-6pm Whole Foods, Cherry Creek (1st and University)
May 6, Sunday 12-2pm Wild Oats, 1111 So. Washington (near I-25 and Miss. Ave.)

The following stores will collect signatures themselves during nomal business hours:

Spinelli's Market 4621 E. 23rd Ave., Denver
The Truffle, 2906 East Sixth Avenue, Denver

2,500 valid signatures is not a lot but will require a quick, focused effort by 30-
40 people. Thank you for your support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Peckman
Petitioning Coordinator

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