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Chico State Becomes First College to Sell
Organic School Sweatshirts

Press Conference April 18 2001 at 10am in front of the Chico State
bookstore. If you can not make it please call for appointment interview

Mark Stemen 530-898-5428 or OR eddie 896-0787


Subject: News Release: Students Break New Ground in Supporting Organic
Date: 4/17/01 1:31:44 PM

CONTACT: Kathleen McPartland
Tel: 530-898-4263

Students Break New Ground in Supporting Organic Cotton

A line of 100% organic cotton clothing is now in the Associated Students
Bookstore at California State University, Chico through the efforts of
Students for Conscious Consumerism working with the Sustainable Cotton

The Associated Students Bookstore will be the first bookstore in the nation
to bring the organic cotton merchandise to its campus. The students behind
the project see this as the first step in a multi-level project to educate
consumers about the effect of traditional cotton growing practices on the

The Chico State T-shirts, manufactured by Patagonia, are a first for college
bookstores, a first for Patagonia, which has not previously had their line
used for collegiate wear, and a boost for organic cotton farmers.

The reason organic cotton production is environmentally significant,
according to Will Allen, director of the Sustainable Cotton Project, is that
approximately 25 percent of all insecticides and 10 percent of all pesticides
used in the world are used on cotton.

Many of these substances, such as DEF6 and paraquat, are highly toxic
chemicals known to cause cancers and birth defects. Cottonseed often goes
directly from the cotton gin to dairy and cattle operations, where it is fed
to cows and cattle that produce milk and meat.

Katherine Polan, A.S. commissioner of environmental affairs, recalled that
after Allen gave last year's Earth Month keynote speech, students began
asking, "Wouldn't it be great if Chico State had organic cotton clothing in
their bookstore?"

Calli Burch, geography major, interned with the Sustainable Cotton Project,
toured the cotton growing areas of California, and became the liaison
between various contacts and the bookstore. The bookstore agreed to carry
the products on a trial basis.

Mark Stemen, adviser to the group, describes the project as "the most
exciting environmental project I've ever worked on with students." For more
information contact Mark Stemen,
(530) 898-5428.

Press Conference
When - April 18 2001 @ 10am
Where - Chico State Bookstore

You can support this movement from where ever you are by purchasing a shirt
on line at click on bookstore.

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