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Why Are Our Schools Promoting Smoking to Students?

From: Commercial Alert <>

Dear Friends,

Schools should never promote tobacco to students.

But they do.

Today, Commercial Alert released a report showing that sixty percent of movies advertised on Channel One portray smoking. Channel One is a daily commercial TV program shown to more than 30 percent of all American teenagers in nearly 11,500 middle and high schools across the United States.

Since January 1, 2000, Channel One has advertised at least 67 commercial motion pictures. Forty of these movies portray smoking.

Such cinema portrayals of tobacco are highly effective in luring young people into the ranks of tobacco users – even more so than conventional advertising. It is estimated that each year smoking in movies recruits 390,000 new young smokers in the United States.

We can't let schools become yet another venue for the tobacco companies to hook our kids on their deadly products.

There are two things you can do today to help.

1) Send emails to your governor and state legislators right away, telling them to get Channel One out of every school in your state.

2) Call your local school district and find out whether Channel One is shown in your local public schools. If so, then tell school board members about the report -- that Channel One promotes tobacco use -- and ask them to remove Channel One from every school in your school district. Copies of our report are available at, and more information is on our web page on smoking and schools.
Tobacco is the number one cause of preventable deaths in the United States, causing 435,000 fatalities each year. Adolescents who see plenty of smoking on screen are nearly three times more likely to start smoking than those who see the least.

Thanks for caring about this. Together, we can help stop schools from luring our kids to smoke.

-- Gary Ruskin, Commercial Alert

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