Activists Prepare for Second Global Days of Action Oct. 2-17

Activists from all over the world have begun firming up plans for actions and public education events for the Second Global Days of Action against genetic engineering, life patents, and factory farming. GDA #2 will take place beginning on Oct. 2 and extending roughly through Oct. 17.

Among events already announced are the following.

(1) USA--Metropolitan New York area: October leafletting of supermarkets, natural food stores, and a protest at noon October 8 at Novartis headquarters in Tarrytown. Contact: Andy Zimmerman, Westchester Greens Tel. 914-725-5943 or ( A protest against the McDonald's Corporation is also planned.

(2) USA--Austin, Texas: Activists will be distributing anti-biotech information and lobbying consumers and the natural food industry at the Whole Life Expo Oct. 3-5. Contact: Judy Kew ( Also Austin activists will be organizing a protest Oct. 17 against Monsanto as part of the End Corporate Dominance Campaign. Contact Cedar Stevens, Earth First, Tel. 512-320-1413 (

(3) USA--Springfield, Massachusetts: Mass protest at Monsanto factory and at AgriMark Dairy. Contact: Brian Tokar, Institute for Social Ecology, (; Dan Ogden Tel. 413-367-9352; Bob Spivey Tel. 413-625-0141 (; and Native Forest Network Tel. 802-863-0571 (

(4) USA--Seattle, Washington: Protest against gene foods in front of Federal Building in downtown Seattle at noon Oct. 10. Also a teach-in on genetic engineering at the Provender Alliance gathering Oct. 5 from 9 a.m. to noon with well known speakers including Dr. John Fagan and Dr. Brian Baker. Contact: Craig Winters, Citizens for Health, Tel. 206-775-7644 (

(5) USA--Los Angeles, California: Oct 4 mass protest at a Santa Monica McDonald's restaurant on issues of genetically engineeded food, BSE, and other factory farm practices. Sponsored by Last Chance for Animals and Pure Food Campaign. Contact Eric at Last Chance for Animals Tel. 310-271-6096 ( or Janet Allen at Pure Food Campaign Tel. 818-407-0001

(6) USA--Albuquerque, N.M. : Every weekend in October mass recruiting and leafletting for SOS (Save Organic Standards) Campaign by La Montanita Coop. Contact: Robin Seydel Tel. 505-265-4631

(7) USA--Minneapolis and St. Paul, Mn. Two lectures on genetic engineering by Vandana Shiva at the University of Minnesota. Contact: Chris Sneddon Tel. 612-624-7723.

(8) USA--St. Louis, Missouri: A protest will be held Oct. 16 from 3-6 p.m. at the Missouri Botanical Gardens (which receives major funding from St. Louis-based Monsanto) on the issue of preserving biological diversity. A teach-in will also be held the day before at 720 Harvard St. at 7 p.m. Contact: Don Fitz (Gateway Green Alliance) Tel. 314-727-8554 or 314-458-5026 email (

(9)-(14) USA--Other events still in preparation: Atlanta: Contact: Jack Tobin Tel. 404-373-4363 Connecticut: Lela Florel Tel. 203-374-4646 Chicago: Mike Durschmid Tel. 312-682-2821 National Day of Action Against McDonald's Oct. 11 at McDonald's Headquarters and local McD's restaurants. David Morris, defendent from the UK McLibel Trial, will be speaking at these protests. Also: Contact: US McLibel Support Campaign Tel. 802-586-9628 or ( Iowa City: Teach-in Oct. 20 sponsored by New Pioneer Coop Contact: Teresa Carbrey Tel. 319-338-0635 Buffalo, N.Y. : Contact Domenic Licata, Lexington Food Coop Tel. 716-884-8828 Madison, Wisconsin: Contact John Peck, Green Party, Tel. 608-262-9036

(15) UK--On Thursday Oct. 9 at 11 a.m. demonstration against gene foods in front of National Farmers Union office at 164 Shaftsbury Ave. London. Contact: Jacklyn & Zoe, Genetic Engineering Network Tel. +44-181-374-9516

(16) Switzerland--Demonstration and soya dumping in front of Lipton Sais company on Sept. 24. In mid-October farmers in numerous areas will be putting up banners on their fields saying "Gentech-Free Zone--No Genetically Engineered Plants on This Field." Contact: Florianne Koechlin Tel. +41-61-411-2634 (

(17) Germany--Demonstration in Cologne at the giant "ANUGA" food industry fair on October 11. Contact: Werner Reisberger, AG Gentechnik Bochum, (

(18) Austria--A wide range of activities are planned by Global 2000 and Greenpeace to get ready for the special session of the Austria parliament which will be discussing issues of genetic engineering from Sept. 30 through Christmas. Campaigners are pushing for (a) a de facto prohibition on field testing of g-e crops; (b) an Austrian prohibition on the production of g-e foods; and (c) opposition to patents on life. Contact: Daniel Hausknost, Global 2000 Tel. +431-812-57-300 (
Other actions in the following countries are still in the various stages of preparation: Country contacts are those who organized GDA actions in April 1997 or else have indicated they'll be organizing specific actions for October:

(19) USA--New Jersey--Cornucopia Network (John Verin) email: (

(20) USA--Tennessee--United Church of Christ Network for Peace and Justice (Donald Clark) Tel. 615-277-5467 email: (

(21) USA--Montpelier, Vermont--Rural Vermont (Steve Heim) Tel. 802-229-1535 email: (

(22) Milwaukee, Wisconsin--Green Party (Louise Quigley) Tel. 414-962-2703 or Frances Bartelt Tel. 414-332-3576

(23) Kansas City, Missouri--Green Party (Ben Kjelshus) Tel. 816-924-3003 email:

(24) Washington, D.C.--202-775-1132 National Family Farm Coalition (Kathy Ozer or Jim Potts) Tel. 202-543-5675 email: (

(25) Greenpeace International (Offices Worldwide)--(Benedikt Haerlin--Genetic Engineering Campaign Coordinator) Tel. +49-40-30618-410 Fax. +49-40-30618-140 email: or Barbara Kuepper Tel. +49-40-30618-454

(26) Canada--Contact: Council of Canadians (Dave Robinson) Tel. +613- 233-2773 Fax. 613-233-6776 email ( Also contact: RAFI (Jean Christie) email: ( Also contact: Campaign to Ban Genetically Engineered Food (Richard Wolfson) Tel. 613-565-8517 email: (

(27) U.K.--Green Network (Vera Chaney) Tel. 44-1-206-549-902 email: ( Will be organizing a day of lobbying in Brussels to pressure the European Parliament. Tentative date Oct. 16

(28) India--Contact: Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Natural Resource Policy (Vandana Shiva) Tel. +91-11-696-8077 Fax. +91-11-685-6795 email (

(29) Malaysia--Contact: Third World Network (Martin Khor) Tel. +60-4-226-6728 Fax. +60-4-226-4505 email (

(30) Philippines--Contact: Center for Alternative Development Initiatives (Nicky Perlas) Tel. +63-2-928-3986 Fax. +63-2-928-7608 email: (

(31) France--Contact: Ecoropa (Etienne Vernet) Tel. +33-1-43-38-38-17 Fax. +33-1-43-38-37-88

(32) Netherlands--Contact: ASEED (Stephanie Howard or Rod Harbinson) Tel. +31-20-668-2236 Fax. +31-20-665-0166 email: ( Also contact: Natural Law Party (Jan Storms) email: (

(33) Spain--Contact: AEDENAT (Ramon Duran) Tel. +34-1-319-8782 Fax. +34-91-571-7108 email: ( (

(34) Australia--Contact: GeneEthics Network (Bob Phelps) Tel. +61-3-9416-2222 Fax. +61-3-9416-0767 email: ( Australian Consumers Association (Carole Renouf) Tel. +61-2-9577-3332 Fax. +61-2-9973-2328 email: ( Also: Brisbane Eco-Consumer group will be holding a direct action protest at a Coles supermarket. Contact: Maeve email: (

(35) Japan--Contact: NESSFE (Mika Iba) Tel.+ 813-3327-6444 Fax. +813-3325-5890 email: ( The Consumers Union of Japan (Setsuko Yasuda) Tel. +813-3711-7766 Fax +813-3715-9378 will be organizing a gathering of producers, farmers, and consumers against genetically engineered foods at Northern Kyushu--outside Tokyo--on October 8.

(36) Sweden--Contact: Consumer Coalition (Martin Frid) Tel & Fax. +46-479-10010 email: (; Consumer Forum (Bengt Ingerstam) Tel. +46-495-41315 Fax. +46-495-13678 email (

(37) Norway--Contact: GATT-WTO Campaign (Helge Christie) Tel. & Fax. +47-6249-6096 email: ( Also contact: CPAQ (Patrick Vander Linden) Tel. +322-218-4727 Fax. +322-217-6078 email ( Also contact: BRABANT Ecologie (Christian Jacques) Tel. and Fax +322-633-1048 email ( (Taty Lauwers)

(39) Poland--Contact: Krakow Green Federation (Darek Szwed) email (

(40) Hungary--Contact Daniel Swartz and Ada Amon email ( or ( The Hungarian Parliament will be discussing issues of genetic engineering in October.

(41) Italy--Contact: Onorati/Egidi at email: (

(42) New Zealand--Contact Natural Food Commission (Guy Hatchard) Tel. +9-522-1043 Fax. +9-524-6003 email ( Also contact Greenpeace (Glyn Walters) Tel. +64-9-630-6317 or +64-25-931-363. Also Dunedin Environment Centre email: (

(43) Georgia--Contact: Georgia Greens and Biological Farming Association "Elkana" (Mariam Jordjadze or Keti Nemsadze) Fax +995-32-22-19-65 email ( or (

(44) Ethiopia--Contact: Institute for Sustainable Development (Sue Edwards and Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher) email (

(45) Brazil--Contact: IDEC (Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection) (Marilena Lazzarini Tel. +55-11-65-8151 Fax. +55-11-62-9844 email: (

(46) Croatia--Contact: Energia Klub (Daniel Swartz) email: (

(47) Argentina--Contact: CETARR (Carlos A. Vicente) email: (

(48) Hong Kong--NG Wai Lee email: ( Also: Asian Regional Exchange for Alternatives (James Joseph Keezhangatte) email: (

(49) South Korea--Contact: Green Korea United (Philippa Walsh and Lee Taehwa) email: (

(50) Honduras--Contact: Via Campesina (Dolores de Hernandez) email: (

(51) Costa Rica--Contact: Amigos de la Tierra (Gabriel Rivas-Ducca) email (

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