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Call or write Starbucks CEO Jim Donald to voice your concerns:

Starbucks Headquarters
Contact Info:
Toll Free: 800-235-2883
Fax: 206-447-3432
Send an email

Mailing Address:
Jim Donald
CEO Starbucks
PO Box 34067
Seattle, Washington

Put Pressure on
Other Coffee Chains

Please call and encourage these coffee shops to:

  • Brew and Promote Fair Trade and Organic Coffee on a regular basis.
  • Use rBGH-free dairy in all locations.
  • Offer an Organic Soy or Rice milk option in all locations.
  • Offer Organic Food Items.
  • Offer Fair Trade Chocolate.
  • Pledge to go GE-Free.
Peet's Coffee & Tea

California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington
Brew's Organic "Gaia Blend" coffee only. rBGH-free milk (some locations). Organic soy and rice milk option available upon request. Organic food item(s) available.

Seattle's Best Coffee

Fax: 206-254-7262
Brews Fair Trade/Organic "French Roast" coffee once a week. Organic soy and rice milk option available upon request. rBGH-free milk in Seattle locations. Organic food item(s) available.

Tully's Coffee

Seattle, San Francisco,
Oregon, and Idaho
Fax: 206-233-2077
Brews Fair Trade/Organic "Compadre Blend" and Organic "Costa Rica" coffee, but not on a regular basis. Organic soy or rice milk available upon request. rBGH-free milk (some locations). Some baked goods with organic ingredients available.

Coffee People

(Diedrich Coffee)
Fax: 949-260-1610
Brews "Human Bean" Fair Trade/Organic coffee upon request only. rBGH-free milk (all locations). Organic soy and rice milk option available upon request.

Caribou Coffee

MN, WI, IL, OH, GA, MI, MD, D.C. 1-
612-359-2700 Organic "Rainforest Blend" coffee available upon request only. Organic soy milk available upon request.

The Coffee Beanery

Franchises U.S. and Guam
Organic "Aztec Pluma Blend" available, but not brewed on a regular basis.

Gloria Jean's, Inc.

International Franchises
Fax: 949-260-1610
Fair Trade and Organic coffee not available.

Starbucks Campaign Action Page

Organize a Leafleting Event -- Contact Elected Officials - Contact Starbucks - Contact Other Coffee Chains - Contact Us to Get Involved


Sign the Starbucks petition by clicking here
Help pressure Starbucks to remove genetically engineered ingredients from their food and dairy products on a worldwide basis, improve working conditions for coffee plantation workers, and brew and seriously promote fair trade coffee in all of their cafes.


How to Organize Your Own Leafleting Event!

Protests with leafleting and media events have taken place at nearly 1,000 Starbucks locations around the world. Contact us to find out how you can organize a leafleting event at your local Starbucks. If you're interested, please check out our Downloadable Materials.

Suggestions of things you can do with the downloadable materials:
  • Hand out leaflets and flyers at local events.
  • Leave a few leaflets on tables in your local Starbucks.
  • Send an email out to all of your friends, family and email listservs you are on, asking them to patronize more socially and environmentally responsible coffee shops. Give them the link to our webpage where they can send an instant, message to Starbucks CEO.: www.organicconsumers.org/starbucks/sampleletter.htm
  • Go door to door with leaflets and a petition.
  • Be creative! There are a million ways to spread the word- just do what you do best.

Join the Organic Consumers Association and the growing Fair Trade Movement across the USA.

Call, write, fax or email Starbucks. Tell them to send you a written guarantee that they will change their policies on GE foods, Fair Trade coffee, and wages and working conditions of coffee plantation workers, or else you will no longer buy their products.

Tell your local Starbucks how you feel…

Go into a Starbucks coffee shop and talk to the manager or the person in charge.

Ask them for a verbal and written assurance that they will change their policies (i.e. that they will remove rBGH and other genetically engineered (GE) ingredients from their coffee beverages and their foods; that they will start brewing and seriously promoting Fair Trade coffee; that they will fulfill their pledge to improve the wages and working conditions of coffee plantation workers; that they will pledge never to use GE decaffeinated coffee beans).

Ask if their baked goods are free from GE soy, soy derivatives, corn sweeteners, and cooking oils. If you order a coffee from Starbucks, ask them to brew your coffee with Fair Trade coffee beans. If they won't, take your business elsewhere.

Ask Starbucks for a written assurance that they will cooperate with international human rights monitors to guarantee their pledge to raise the wages and working conditions of the coffee plantation workers of their suppliers.

Patronize socially responsible businesses and products. If one of Starbucks' competitors is brewing Fair Trade coffee or avoiding GE ingredients, give your business to them instead of Starbucks. To find out who is selling Fair Trade coffee, check out our list of links.

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