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 • Dr. Ada Frazier, DDS - Referral from Holistic Dental Association. (Meridianville, AL)
 • Alan Noelok, D.D.S. - Referral from Institute of Nutritional Dentistry. (Litchfield Park, AZ)
 • My Dentist - acclaimed speaker on Holistic Dentistry, Dr. Micheal Margolis. (Mesa, AZ)
 • Dental Master Design, PLLC - Treatment of dysfunction of the Temporomandibular Joints/Craniodontics. (Phoenix, AZ)
 • Holistic Dentist AZ - Millennium Dental Assoc. - Holistic Dentist AZ. (Scottsdale, AZ)
 • Thomas Wais, DDS - Referral from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. (Scottsdale, AZ)
 • Creative Smiles - Referral from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. (Tucson, AZ)
 • Stan Farnum, D.D.S. - Tucson Biological Dentistry. (Tucson, AZ)
 • John Bain DDS, Family Dentistry - Family Dentistry- More than Safe and Gentle - Proven Clinical Skills and Trustworthiness. (Farmington, AR)
 • Robert Hodous DDS - "Comfortably creating beautiful smiles". (Fayetteville, AR)
 • Jones Family Dentistry - Mercury Free Dental Office. (Little Rock, AR)
 • Laura Lawson DDS ~ Family and Cosmetic Natural Dentistry - A naturally minded dental practice. (Albany, CA)
 • Evergreen Dental Care - Setting the Standard for Trusted Dental Excellence. (Alhambra, CA)
 • David L. Stephenson DDS, Inc. - a friendly, warm, caring environment. (Anaheim, CA)
 • Charles M. Lee DDS - Holistic Dental Care. (Bakersfield, CA)
 • Sandor Hites, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Berkeley, CA)
 • Dian M. Olah, DMD, A Dental Corporation - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Beverly Hills, CA)
 • Dr. Joseph Goodman - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Beverly Hills, CA)
 • Paul O'Malley DDS - M.i.b.c.d. minimally invasive bio-cosmetic dentistry, mercury free and safe . (beverly hills, CA)
 • San Diego Encinitas Cosmetic Holistic Dentistry - San Diego Cosmetic Holistic Dentist, Dr. Fallah, Encinitas Dentistry, Holistic Dental Care. (Carlsbad, CA)
 • Richard Pruett DDS Inc. - Traditional Dentistry with a Holistic Approach. (Chico, CA)
 • Healthy Hi-Tech Family & Implant Dentistry - One of the Few Dentists in the World Providing Truly Non-Toxic Dental Care.. (Clovis, CA)
 • Center for Holistic Dentistry - Encinitas Holistic Dentists for Dental Health and Cosmetic Dentistry,San Diego. (Encinitas, CA)
 • Integrative Dental Practice - Offering smile makeovers, teeth whitening and comprehensive holistic dentistry.. (Encinitas, CA)
 • The Center for Natural Dentistry - Referral from the Holistic Dentistry Association. (Encinitas, CA)
 • Gary M. Verigin, DDS, Inc. - A Humanistic, Health-Centered Dental Practice. (Escalon, CA)
 • Dr. L. Stephen Vaughan DDS MD - Healthy, Holistic, Natural and Biologic approach to Oral Maxillo-facial & Implant Surgery. (Foothill Ranch, CA)
 • Sook Hong, DDS - Chirodontics, Holistic, and Bio-compatible Dentistry. (Fremont, CA)
 • Kudlik Dental Corporation - BiologicallyFriendlyDentistry.com - Mercury-free, husband/wife dental practice. (Fullerton, CA)
 • Joseph Sarkissian DDS - Biological Dentistry and Craniofacial Orthopedics. (Glendale, CA)
 • P. Vernon Erwin, DDS, inc. - P. Vernon Erwin, DDS - Biological Dentistry. (Glendale, CA)
 • Smilemarin - Ozone dental therapy/Biomimetic minimally invasive dentistry/. (Greenbrae, CA)
 • Dr. E. John Moreno - Our biologically compatible Dental care is unique among southern Orange County practices. (Irvine, CA)
 • S. Ward Eccles DDS - Safe Mercury Removal. (Livermore, CA)
 • Dental Wellness Center - Holistic Dental Wellness Center, Long Beach, CA (TMJ, Mercury Free and Safe, Perio"Gum" Disease). (Long Beach, CA)
 • Calm Dental - Holistic Dentist in downtown Los Angeles - Green Office, mercury filling removal.. (Los Angeles, CA)
 • Center for Holistic Dentistry - Combining compassion, modern technology and gentleness. (Los Angeles, CA)
 • Chester L. Yokoyama, DDS - Holistic Dentistry. (Los Angeles, CA)
 • Michael Kwon, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Los Angeles, CA)
 • Niloofar H. Behzadi, DDS.,Inc. - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Los Angeles, CA)
 • Raul Velazquez, D.M.D. - Referral from Institute of Nutritional Dentistry. (Los Angeles, CA)
 • Scott Taylor DDS - Eco Conscious Biological Dentist. (Morro Bay, CA)
 • Academy of Holistic Dentistry - leading edge of biological dentistry. (North Hollywood, CA)
 • Old Oakland Dental - Holistic Approach to Modern Dentistry. (Oakland, CA)
 • Total Health Dental Care - Leaders in Whole Person Dentistry - A Holistic Approach. (Oakland, CA)
 • Tobias Maynard, DDS, Inc. - Amalgam-free is the way to be.... (Redlands, CA)
 • Trillium Dental Clinic, Dr. Nelson Tordilla - Healthy, Greener Family Dentistry on the Peninsula. (Redwood City, CA)
 • La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry - Creating Healthy Toxins Free Smile and Body. (San Diego, CA)
 • Natural Dental Arts, Andrew Zakarian DDS - Natural Prevention and Non-surgical Treatment of Gum Disease. (San Diego, CA)
 • Geary Dental Center, Valentina Yasinsky, D.D.S. - Holistic dentistry. (San Francisco, CA)
 • Green Dentistry - The First Green Dental Office in San Francisco. (San Francisco, CA)
 • Integrative Dentistry - Mercury free conservative dentistry, mercury safe practices for amalgam removal and disposal. (San Francisco, CA)
 • John VanCamp, DDS - Holistic, Biological, Eco-Friendly, Mercury-Free Dentistry. (San Francisco, CA)
 • Mina Levi DDS - Metal Free Dentist San Francisco Zirconia Implants Mercury Free Dentistry. (San Francisco, CA)
 • Svetlana Yesin DDS - Holistic dentistry for adults and children.. (San Francisco, Ca, CA)
 • San Francisco Dental Spa - Natural, biocompatible, and stress relieving dentistry.. (San Francsico, CA)
 • Dr. Zraigat, DDS, COT - Holistic Dentistry, mercury and metal free dentistry, bio-compatable material,ozone in dentistry. (Santa Ana, CA)
 • mark t weiser dds - . (santa barbara, CA)
 • Artistic Biocompatible Dentistry, David L. Biles, DDS - Dedicated to providing the finest Artistic & Biocompatible Dentistry by the Golden Rule. (Santa Cruz, CA)
 • Dr. E. John Baron, DDS Inc. - Referral from Holistic Dental Association. (Santa Cruz, CA)
 • Dino Bonyadi, DDS Family Dentistry - Mercury-free fillings, TMJ treatment, prevention oriented dentistry for the entire family. (Santa Maria, CA)
 • Oloph K. Granath, DDS Inc. - Dentistry - Holistic - Biological Dental Care. (Santa Rosa, CA)
 • Silvano Senn DDS, NMD - Holistic Dentist. (Sebastopol, CA)
 • The Center For Natural Dentistry - Know the truth behind holistic and natural dentistry on our website. . (Ste. 106, CA)
 • Dental Care/Dr Davydova - Holistic Dentistry. (Sunnyvale, CA)
 • Gallagher, Tim M., DDS - a new approach called Biocalix for root canals in patients. (Sunnyvale, CA)
 • Dental Plus Tarzana - We practice gentle green dentistry.. (Tarzana, CA)
 • Ruby Ann Dollins, D.D.S. - Referral from Institute of Nutritional Dentistry. (Temecula, CA)
 • Promenade Dentistry - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Valencia, CA)
 • Stanley Organ, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dentistry Association. (Westlake Village, CA)
 • cyrus bandary D.M.D - holistic and biocompatible dentistry ,Accreditated IAOMT member. (woodland hills, CA)
 • Pearl Zadeh, DDS - BioCompatible Cosmetic & General Dentistry. (Woodland Hills, CA)
 • Boulder Holistic Dentistry - Mercury-safe, biological dentistry in Boulder, Colorado.. (Boulder, CO)
 • Catherine Vieregger, DDS - Vibrance...Beautiful Dentistry. (Centennial, CO)
 • Academy Laser Dentistry - State-of-the-Art, Experienced Family Dentistry. (Colorado Springs, CO)
 • B. Lawrence Bennett DDS - Holistic, mercury free, biocompatible dentistry with world class esthetics. (Colorado Springs, CO)
 • Craig Sommer DDS LLC - Holistic Dentistry-Member IAOMT.org-Mercury free dental materials. Precautions used amalgam removal.. (Colorado Springs, CO)
 • Holistic Health Source - Ljuba is licensed as a Naturopathic Practitioner in Germany and as a dentist in Germany, NJ, PA. (Durango, CO)
 • Eileen A. McGinty, D.D.S., P.C. - safe removal of mercury fillings, whole body dental care. (Lakewood, CO)
 • Guy Grabiak, DMD, FAGD, Denver Dentistry - Doctor Trained in Kinesiology treats TMJ. (Lakewood, CO)
 • Jack H. Dunn, DDS - Mercury free, biocompatibly safe dentistry in Boulder/Longmont area--for your health and happiness. (Longmont, CO)
 • Dorothy Distelhorst, D.D.S. - Referral from Institute for Nutritional Dentistry. (Vail, CO)
 • Center for Esthetic Dentistry, LLC - "Beautiful Smiles; Life Inspired". (New Haven, CT)
 • Dr. Thomas Livingstone/Livingstone Dental Excellence - Dr. Thomas Livingstone: Holistic, non-toxic, health-centered dentistry for adults and children.. (North Canaan, CT)
 • Dr Kundel DMD - Holistic Dentistry, Stamford Connecticut. (Stamford, CT)
 • Mark A. Breiner, DDS - Mark A. Breiner, DDS. (Trumbull, CT)
 • Mark Breiner DDS - Premier Medical and Dental Center for Holistic Medicine in Connecticut. (Trumbull, CT)
District of Columbia 
 • Michelle Janbakhsh, MD - Holistic Family Dentistry. (Washington, DC)
 • National Integrated Health Associates - Holistinc and Integrative Medical and Dental Center. (Washington, DC)
 • Fredda Rosenbaum, DDS - Dentistry With A Woman's Touch. (Aventura, FL)
 • Tower Dentistry - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Boca Raton, FL)
 • Clinique for Cosmetic and Natural Holistic Dentistry - Natural bio-compatible holistic dentistry. (Clearwater, FL)
 • Hank Barreto, DMD, PA - Brighten Your Smile Today. (Coral Gables, FL)
 • Alpha Dental Practice - Holistic Dental Approach. (Coral Springs, FL)
 • Laser Dentistry - Mercury free and mercury safe, lasers available for cavities, gum treatment and extractions. (Fort Myers, FL)
 • Gregory Tarantola DDS - Jacksonville Florida Holistic, Restorative, Invisalign Dentist. (Jacksonville, FL)
 • John D. Light DMD, PA - Biological Cosmentic Dentistry. (Lake Worth, FL)
 • Steven Green DDS - Holistic Periodontics, Facial Pain Treatment, Biocompatibility Testing, Non-Metallic Crowns . (Miami, FL)
 • Theodore Herrmann DMD - Assure-A-Smile: Miami Dentist Experts™ . (Miami, FL)
 • Dedicated Dental Group - Dedicated to your dental health. (Parkland, FL)
 • James Medlock, DDS - Excellence in Biological Mercury Free and Sleep Disorders Dentistry (oral appliance), TMJ Disorders. (West Palm Beach, FL)
 • Mint 32 Dentistry - Dentistry Design for Your Perfect Smile. (Alpharetta, GA)
 • Atlanta Center For Restorative Dentistry - One of Atlanta's Premier Dental Authorities . (Atlanta, GA)
 • Buckhead Dental Care, PC - Holistic, Mercury Free Dentistry. (Atlanta, GA)
 • Cann Dentistry - Respecting each patients healthcare preferences. Biocompatible, mercury-free.. (Atlanta, GA)
 • Radiant Smiles Dental - Creating beautiful & healthy smiles one patient at a time. (Atlanta, GA)
 • GaHolisticDentist.com - Cosmetic, Laser and Orthodontic Dental Care. (Gainesville, GA)
 • John K. Char DDS, DHM, PhD, LMT - taking a holistic approach to dentistry. (Aiea, HI)
 • David Doi, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Kamuela, HI)
 • Idaho Natural Dentistry - Idaho Natural Dentistry. Amalgam filling removal. Mercury detoxification.. (Coeur d Alene, ID)
 • Charles Martinez, DDS, MS, PC - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Barrington, IL)
 • PureDental - Dr. Kasia D. Lopez, DDS - Holistic dentistry, Mercury free and BPA free fillings, . (Chicago, IL)
 • Dentistry For The Health Conscious Inc. - Diane Meyer B.S. D.D.S-Holistic Dentistry( Downers Grove Il 60516). (Downers Grove, IL)
 • Holistic Dental and Wellness Center - Fully integrative body based dentistry.. (Evanston, IL)
 • Loree Schweiger Nicholas, DDS, PC - General, Cosmetic, & Family Dentistry. (Glen Ellyn, IL)
 • Alla Aver, D.D.S. - Dentistry with a humanistic philosophy. (Glenview, IL)
 • Joel L. Sanders, DDS - Holistic, Biologic and Natural Dentistry. (Highland Park, IL)
 • Blaine Cusack, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (LaGrange, IL)
 • Janet Stopka D.D.S., P.C. - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Palos Heights, IL)
 • testing business - ompany headlines for use on sum. (skokie, IL)
 • testing business - ompany headlines for use on sum. (skokie, IL)
 • testing business - ompany headlines for use on sum. (skokie, IL)
 • Lina Garcia, DDS - Holistic Dentistry for Total Health. (South Barrington, IL)
 • Garry Smith, D.D.S. - Holistic Dentistry. (Anderson, IN)
 • Dental Solutions of Columbus - Comprehensive General and Family Dentistry. (Columbus, IN)
 • Wiley Green, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Frankfort, IN)
 • Caryn A Guba DDS - dental wellness. (Indianapolis, IN)
 • Dental Solutions of Avon - Comprehensive General and Family Dentistry. (Indianapolis, IN)
 • Dr. Michael Gossweiler - Implant & Integrative Dentistry - Mercury safe treatment, Biocompatibility testing. (Indianapolis, IN)
 • Iowa Mercury Free Dentistry - Are you looking for a Holistic, Alternative or Biological Dentist?. (Iowa city, IA)
 • Mason's Smile Shoppe - Holistic Dentistry. (Caney, KS)
 • The Heartland Center for Dental Wellness - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Horton, KS)
 • Ideal Dentistry - Mercury Free, Natural and Accredited (AACD) Cosmetic Dentistry - YOUR Health Comes First with us!. (Prospect, KY)
 • Smile Design Studio - Total Well Being equals a Healthy Pain Free Mouth. (Bethesda, MD)
 • Michael C. Goldman, DDS - Holistic Mercury-free dentistry. (Chevy Chase, MD)
 • Dental Wellness Center - Mercury Free Dentistry. (Cumberland, MD)
 • Healing With Dentistry - Holistic and Toxic Free Dentistry. (Ellicott City, MD)
 • Kimberly Baer, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (N. Bethesda, MD)
 • Natalie Britt Zavareei, DDS - Safe Natural Dentistry. (N. Bethesda, MD)
 • The Dental Group - Comprehensive, Cosmetic, and biological dentistry. . (Riverdale, MD)
 • Miles of Smiles Implant Dentistry - A Natural & Biologic Approach to Your Oral Health. (Silver Spring, MD)
 • New England Dental Wellness - New England Dental Wellness. (Greenfield, MA)
 • David Satloff, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (N Attleboro, MA)
 • Emergency Dental Service - 24/7 On Call Dentist - On call 24/7 dentist, Wholistic orientation, Emergency, Sedation, Mercury Free, Boston - Worcester. (Westborough, MA)
 • CARE Dentistry - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Benton Harbor, MI)
 • Advanced fFamily Dental - Holistic mercury safe dentistry. (LIVONIA, MI)
 • David W Regiani DDS PC - Michigan's premier holistic mercury-free dental office since 1979.. (Ortonville, MI)
 • Robert E. Nelson DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Saginaw, MI)
 • Hi-Tech Family Dentistry - Our office is designed with patients in mind. (Southfield, MI)
 • Cedar Cliff Dental Center - The Latest Technology With a Biological/Holistic Approach. (Eagan, MN)
 • Dwight Tschetter, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Hopkins, MN)
 • Tooth By The Lake - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Hopkins, MN)
 • DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) - DAMS is a non-profit that educates public on holistic, mercury free dentistry & lists such dentists. (ST PAUL, MN)
 • Sedation & Implant Dentistry - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (St. Paul, MN)
 • Gary B. Wiele, D.D.S. - Cosmetics, mercury-free, TMJ. (Clayton, MO)
 • Robert Sexauer, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Clinton, MO)
 • Michael G. Rehme, DDS, CCN and Associates - Biological Dentist who is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist in St Louis MO. (St Louis, MO)
 • Dr. James P. Wright, DDS - Four Seasons Dental Spa - The health of the mouth and the body are one and the same. Safe, Gentle Dental Care in Las Vegas.. (Las Vegas, NV)
 • James Heltzel, D.M.D. - exceptional dental care that's good for your health!. (Las Vegas,, NV)
 • Ramin Homanfar, D.D.S. - Referral from the Institute of Nutritional Dentistry. (Reno, NV)
New Hampshire 
New Jersey 
 • Smiles by Design - Dr. John Tortora - Mercury-Free Dentistry, Holistic Dental Consultation (available at No-Charge). (Brick, NJ)
 • Vladimir Gashinsky DDS - IAOMT, IABDM, FIND, HDA, AGD. (Millburn, NJ)
 • Dr. Paul Gilbert - Wake Up Your Smile - Remove Your Barriers To Health and Wellness!. (Monmouth Junction, NJ)
 • Berkowitz & Garfinkel PA - Homeopathic remedies for all aspects of dentistry. (Morganville, NJ)
 • Robert Varcoe, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (N. Arlington, NJ)
 • Dana Fallon, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Red Bank, NJ)
 • Oak Tree Dental Center P.C. - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (So. Plainfield, NJ)
 • Dawn Christian, DDS - Referral of The Institute for Nutritional Dentistry. (South Orange, NJ)
 • Lake Riviera Dentistry, Dr Cyrus Sepahbody - State the Art Mercury Free Dentistry. (Toms River, NJ)
 • Dr. Louis M. Steinberg - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (West New York, NJ)
New Mexico 
 • Judy Anderson, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Taos, NM)
New York 
 • Family Dentistry - Natural Holistic Dentistry, Smile Reconstruction. (Astoria, NY)
 • Steinway Natural Dental-Dr. Ana Balica - Natural, holistic dentistry, smile reconstruction.. (Astoria, NY)
 • Holistic Dental Care by Eugenia Rosenthal-Chernyakhovsky, DDS - Holistic Comprehensive Aesthetic Preventive Dentistry in a safe friendly environment. (Brooklyn, NY)
 • Steven Silberg DDS - Referral from the Institute for Nutritional Dentistry.. (East Rockaway, NY)
 • Dr. Paul Grandsire - Grandsire, Paul -www.drgrandsire.com - Cosmetic dentist in Larchmont offers holistic care, hypnosis . (LARCHMONT, NY)
 • Golden Dental Wellness Center - trained with a top New York City Cosmetic Dentist as well as with Dr. Winick. (Manhasset, NY)
 • Steven Canarick DDS - Referral from the Institute for Nutritional Dentistry. (Massapequa, NY)
 • Dentistry For Health New York - Our wellness programs have virtually elliminated the need for gum surgery & implants. . (New York, NY)
 • Dr. Esther Rubin, DDS MPH - Natural dentistry brings a holistic philosophy to dental practice. (New York, NY)
 • Elmira Gadol DMD - Toxic Free, Holistic and Innovative Dentistry for Optimal Health. (New York, NY)
 • Gisele Arnaud, DDS - cosmetic and restorative dentistry. (New York, NY)
 • Holistic Dentistry & Natural Dental Products, Dr. Zeines - Dr. Zeines uses a combination of homeopathy, kinesiology, nutrition and aromatic therapy. (New York, NY)
 • Holistic Root Canal Specialists, Dr. Kaplan DMD & Dr. Sosnay, DDS - Holistic Root Canal Specialists. (New York, NY)
 • The Brand Wellness Center - Holistic Dentistry, offers Reiki. (New York, NY)
 • Joseph P. Fusco DDS MAGD PC - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Rockville Centre, NY)
 • Howard Hindin, DDS, PC - The Hindin Center for Whole Health Dentistry. (Suffern, NY)
 • McGrath Dental Caring - Health Centered Dentistry. (Syracuse, NY)
 • David Lerner, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Institute. (Yorktown Heights, NY)
 • The Center for Holistic Dentistry - an innovative approach to the health care of the mouth. (Yorktown Heights, NY)
North Carolina 
 • Holistic Dental Centers - Holistic General Practice--Safe Mercury Removal. (Cary, NC)
 • W. Carl McMillan DMD PA - Holistic General Practice- Safe Mercury Removal. (Cornelius, NC)
 • Susan Lee, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Raleigh, NC)
 • Dental Virtue - Cosmetic and restorative Biocompatible Dentistry. (Yadkinville, NC)
North Dakota 
 • Terrance A. Messerman, DDS - Mercury Free Practice for more than 25 years. (Beachwood, OH)
 • Upper Valley Dental Center - Mercury Safe Dentistry. (Huber Heights, OH)
 • Mindy Munowitz,DDS - Holistic - TMJ - Biocompatible Dentistry. (West Chester, OH)
 • Worthington Dental alternatives - Dentistry for Better Health. (Worthington, OH)
 • Terry Bass DDS - Bringing Out the Best In Your Smile. (Oklahoma City, OK)
 • Jim Maxey, D.D.S., Inc., P.C. - Mercury free since 1992. (Tulsa, OK)
 • Natural Dental Care and Wellness Day Spa - Natural Dental Care and Day Spa. (Tulsa, OK)
 • Payas Dental Restoration of Tulsa - Payas Dental Restoration of Tulsa. (Tulsa, OK)
 • Wellness Centered Dentistry - Wellness Centered Dentistry - Individual Care for Individual People. (Eugene, OR)
 • Aesthetic Dentistry of Lake Oswego - Aesthetic Dentistry of Lake Oswego. (Lake Oswego, OR)
 • Balance Bio Dental - The harmony of a healthy smile... and body. . (Newport, OR)
 • BalanceBioDental.com - An integrative approach to your dental health and well-being. (Newport, OR)
 • Newport Dental - Specific protocols for safe mercury filling removal . (Newport, OR)
 • Aadvanced Dental - Our office is completely mercury free.. (Oregon City, OR)
 • BravoSmile - Mercury Free. Healthy Dentistry. Green practice. (Portland, OR)
 • Dr. David N. Carothers, DDS - Mercury-free, holistic dentist with over 25 years experience in general & cosmetic dentistry.. (Portland, OR)
 • Parkside Orthodontics - Environmentally friendly orthodontic office. All ages welcome.. (Portland, OR)
 • Synergy Dental Center - Synergy Dental Center -The Best DMD's using a Safe mercury removal following IAOMT protocol.. (West Linn, OR)
 • Smile Krafters - Allentown Dentist | Dentist Allentown | Dentist Allentown PA | Teeth Whitening Allentown. (Allentown, PA)
 • Mark H Buzzatto DDS - Mercury Free and Mercury Safe, Holistic, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry . (Bridgeville, PA)
 • Beata A. Carlson - Natural, Cosmetic Dentistry. (Easton, PA)
 • Donald robbins, dmd, llc, fagd, aiaomt - BioSafeDentistry. (Exton, PA)
 • The Halifax Center for Holistic and Cosmetic Dentistry - Central Pennsylvania's only experienced Holistic dental care providers.. (Halifax, PA)
 • Colonial Dental Group - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Harrisburg , PA)
 • Jeffery D. Hartman, DMD, PC - Smiles for Life Total Health Dentistry- 25+yrs exp biological dentist,IAOMT safe mercury removal . (Huntingdon, PA)
 • Hyo Lim, DMD - Mercury free; Orthodontics; Surgery; TMJ therapy; . (King of Prussia , PA)
 • Dental Health Associates - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Paoli , PA)
 • Dr. Gerald Regni Jr. & Associates - Smile by Design - Alternative and General Dentistry. (Philadelphia, PA)
 • Harvey Block, DMD - Mercury-free dentistry. (Pittsburgh, PA)
 • Puredent, Inc. - mercury-free and fluoride-free dental practice. (Pittsburgh, PA)
 • Dr Blanche Grube - extensive training in homeopathy, nutrition, iridology, colon hydrotherapy, neural therapy & acuputu. (Scranton, PA)
 • Verona Dental Care - Mercury-free, emphasis on minimal invasive dentistry. (Verona, PA)
Rhode Island 
South Carolina 
 • Palmer Distinctive Dentistry - Helping You Meet ALL Your Holistic Dental Needs and Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings!. (Greer, SC)
 • Cooper Cosmetic & Family Dentistry - Mercury Free Dentistry. (North Charleston, SC)
 • Ray Hayes DDS - Mercury free General and Cosmetic Dentistry- 30+ years. (North Charleston, SC)
South Dakota 
 • Smiles for Siouxland - Smiles For Siouxland - Dentist Sioux Falls. (Sioux Falls, SD)
 • Center for Advanced Dentistry - Center for Advanced Dentistry- Kent E. White, DDS- Advanced and Comprehensive Dental Care. (Nashville, TN)
 • D. J. Fong, DDS - Amarillo Craniofascial Pain Diagnostic Center. (Amarillo , TX)
 • D. Jack Fong DDS - Mercury Free Dentistry, Homeopathics. (Amarillo, TX)
 • Merrily Sandford, DDS and Associates - Biological and Cosmetic Dentist. (Austin, TX)
 • Novadent Dental Studios LLC - Provide biocompatible all ceramic crown and bridge/implant crowns and monomer-free removables. (Austin, TX)
 • Dental Wellness Center - Dental Wellness Center - Holistic , Biological, Mercury Free Dentistry. (Boerne, TX)
 • Stacy Cole, DDS - Fort Worth Dental - Healthy Dental Care. (Fort Worth, TX)
 • Marilyn K. Jones, D.D.S. - Natural Dentistry supports the body and the mind by finding the cause of dental problems. (Houston, TX)
 • Easy Dental - Quality Dental Care, Patient Oriented Dentistry. (Mckinney , TX)
 • Aesthetic Dentistry Centre - An alumni of Pankey Institute, one of the leading centers for advanced rehabilitative dentistry. (Plano, TX)
 • Dana Hodge King, DDS - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (San Antonio , TX)
 • Total Mouth Fitness - Alternative Holistic Dentistry. (San Antonio , TX)
 • Synergy Dental - State-of-the-art dental practice offering Mercury-Safe biological dentistry. (Lindon, UT)
 • Riverbend Dental - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Riverton, UT)
 • Richard D. Fischer, D.D.S. - Dr. Fischer testified before Congress about dental amalgam mercury. (Annandale, VA)
 • Wayne L. Whitley, DDS - OSB{oral systemic balance} Dentist -- Specializing in Oral Systemic Balance (OSB). (Fredericksburg, VA)
 • Craig A. Zunka, DDS - 21 years of experience in non-surgical treatment of gum disease. (Front Royal, VA)
 • Cheryl Bradford Billingsley, DDS, PC - Mercury-free dental practice. (Richmond, VA)
 • Dr. Peter S. Evans MS, DDS, MAGD - Holistic Dentist. (Williamsburg, VA)
 • Federal way dental health center - Providing comprehensive dental health care, oral rehabilitation, cosmetic and family dentistry.. (Federal Way, WA)
 • Jessica Saepoff DDS - Referral from the Institute of Nutritional Dentistry. (Issaquah, WA)
 • Dentiste Kirkland - Specializing in FamilyDentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry. (Kirkland , WA)
 • Tom Seal, DDS - Empowering you to take greater responsibility for your health.. (Kirkland, WA)
 • John August Rau, DDS; LAC - multi-discipline referral source mercury-free dentistry since 1980. (Seattle, WA)
 • Mitchell Marder, DDS - Integrative Dentistry. (seattle, WA)
 • Paul g. rubin, dds, misomt - Mercury-Safe, Biological Dentistry. (Seattle, WA)
 • Pike Place Dental - Kent de VignĂ©, D.D.S, M.P.H - Holistic Dentistry in the Pike Place Market. (Seattle, WA)
 • Runar D. Johnson, DDS - Alternative Approach to Dental Health. (Sequim, WA)
 • Dr. Craig B. Simmons, D.D.S - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Spokane, WA)
 • Advanced Dental Care - *Cosmetic & Family Dentistry *Safe Amalgam Filling Removal *Mercury Free Restorations. (Tacoma, WA)
 • Gregory Zimmer DDS - Holistic, Mercury safe, Fluoride free Dental services.. (Tacoma, WA)
West Virginia 
 • Jeanne K. Bailey, DDS - Providing Holoistic Dental Care for over 20 years. (Hurricane, WV)
 • Madison No Fear Dentistry - Great experiences. beautiful smiles. . (Madison, WI)
 • Ingo G. Mahn DDS - Placement of metal-free restorations, even bridges!. (Pewaukee, WI)
 • Steven Carini, DDS - 20 Years of Mercury Free Dentistry. (Port Washington, WI)
 • Health Centered Dentistry, Dr. John Laughlin D.D.S. - Mercury-Free Dental Restorations. (River Falls, WI)
 • Douglas Cook, DDS - General and Nutritional Dentistry. (Suring, WI)
 • William J. Twohig, D.D.S. - mercury safe, ozone certified dental wellness center . (Weyauwega, WI)
 • Ambiance Dental - Calgary Dentist. (Calgary, AB)
 • Evans Dental Health and Wellness - Helping Patients Safely Remove Mercury Fillings for Health Reasons. (Calgary, AB)
 • William Cryderman, DDS, AIAOMT - Referral from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. (Calgary, AB)
British Columbia 
 • Vancouver Center for Implant Dentistry - caring, compassionate dentist who you can trust. (Burnaby,, BC)
 • North Shore Cosmetic and Laser Dental Care - Where dentistry is synonymous with comfort. (North Vancouver,, BC)
 • Dr. Ara Elmajian & Associates - Referral from the Holistic Dental Association. (Vancouver, BC)
New Brunswick 
North West Terr. 
Nova Scotia 
 • Summerhill Gardens Dental - Family and cosmetic dentistry, mercury free restorations,. (Toronto , ON)
Prince Edward Isl. 
Yukon Territory 
American Samoa 
Puerto Rico 
Baja California Norte 
Baja California Sur 
Coahuila De Zaragoza 
Distrito Federal 
 • Dr Hugo Flores - Referral from the Institute of Nutritional Dentistry. (Juarez, MEX)
 • Biodental Studios - Biodental Studios is a holistic dental practice in Tijuana Mexico, headed by Dr. Javier Morales, DDS. (Zona Centro, C.P., MEX)
Michoacan De Ocampo 
Nuevo Leon 
Queretaro De Arteaga 
Quintana Roo 
San Luis Potosi 
Veracruz Llave 
 Dr Hugo Flores - Referral from the Institute of Nutritional Dentistry. (Juarez, Mexico)
 Biodental Studios - Biodental Studios is a holistic dental practice in Tijuana Mexico, headed by Dr. Javier Morales, DDS. (Zona Centro, C.P., Mexico)
 Tannlege Erik Barman - Wholistic Dentist in Voss and Bergen. (Voss , Norway)
 BioDent- Gaba Biodental Clinic - Your Home of Dental Wellness!. (Muntinlupa City,, Philippines)
 Queen Mary Holistic Center - Queen Mary Holistic Center Dr. Herminia P. Chavez, Biological/ Holistic dentist (Philippines). (Pasig City, Philippines)
 The Home of Biological Dentistry - Holistic Cosmetic Metal/Fluoride free dentistry, make overs, implants, Top technology. (Pretoria, South-Africa)