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 • SheerLark Farm - Family farm offering Certified Naturally Grown produce and pasture raised lamb, chevon & eggs. . (Flat Rock, AL)
 • The Ranch Market - Organic grass fed beef. (new Hope, AL)
 • best seafood supply - Best Seafood Supply | Alaska Seafood | Alaska Seafood Supplier in united states. (alaska, AK)
 • Sugpiaq, Inc. - Wild Alaskan Salmon & Seafoods...Naturally Pure & Organic. Sustainbly Caught Seafood, Order Online. (Anchorage, AK)
 • Captain Correia's Wild Alaska Salmon - ...harvesting Wild Salmon from Alaska's Cook Inlet for your table.. (Clam Gulch, AK)
 • Kachemak Shellfish Growers - Buy oysters right from the growers! Sustainably farmed seafood.. (Homer, AK)
 • Taku River Reds - Wild Caught Salmon. (Juneau, AK)
 • - Fresh Oysters. (Kasilof, AK)
 • R&J Seafoods - Alaskan Wild Salmon, Halibut, King Crab, Scallops. Sustainable Seafood. Order Online.. (Kasilof, AK)
 • Tonka Seafoods, Inc. - Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon Caught, Processed and Shipped From The Heart of Southeast Alaska. (Petersburg, AK)
 • Topline Foods - All Natural & Organic Food Delivered to your Door. (Phoenix, AZ)
 • American Tuna Inc. - American Tuna Inc. - MSC Certified Sustainable - Troll & Pole Caught Albacore Tuna. (Bonita, CA)
 • Bear River Valley Beef - Grass Fed Beef from Bear River Valley Beef. (Ferndale, CA)
 • GBJ Beef Cattle - GBJ All Natural Beef Cattle - Freezer Beef. Order online.. (Grass Valley, CA)
 • Snow Ranch - Organic, Pasture-grazed, Meat Goats. $6/lb. Chevon, $17/lb. Cabrito. (Lakeport, CA)
 • Casa Rosa Farms - California Grown Certified Organic Olive Oil, pasture raised lamb and beef. (Madera, CA)
 • Wild Planet Foods Inc. - Gourmet Canned Albacore Tuna...Sashimi-grade, Troll-caught seafood.. (McKinleyville, CA)
 • Mendenhall Valley Ranch - Grassfed local beef. (Palomar Mountain, CA)
 • Lost Coast Ranch - CCOF Organic grass and pasture-fed beef and goat. (Petrolia, CA)
 • Brandon Natural Beef - Home Delivery of 100% Grass fed beef to residents of San Francisco Bay Area. Order Online!. (San Francisco, CA)
 • Nick Ranch Gourmet Beef - Ranch Raised Certified Organic 100% Grass Fed Beef Delivered to Your Door. (Santa Margarita, CA)
 • Culver City Meat Company - Wholesaler of Fresh and Frozen Meats, Poultry and Seafood. (Vernon, CA)
 • Colorado's Best Beef Company - All Natural Beef raised the Old Fashioned Way. Fresh, frozen, wholesale, retail. Order online!. (Boulder, CO)
 • Ranch Foods Direct - Antibiotic free, hormone free meat. (Colorado Springs, CO)
 • Ranch Foods Direct - Antibiotic free, hormone free meat. (Colorado Springs, CO)
 • Grunniens Yak Ranch - Grunniens Yak Ranch - Tibetan Yaks - Grass fed Healthy Meat-The future of the small ranch.. (Elbert, CO)
 • Coleman Natural - Coleman Natural and Coleman Organic - home of Petaluma Poultry. (Golden, CO)
 • All Natural Farm - Organic, Kosher Beef and Buffalo - Best Prices. (greenwood village, CO)
 • Meyer Natural Beef - Premium Natural Angus Steaks Delivered Direct to Your Door. (Loveland, CO)
 • Lasater Grasslands Beef - Flavorful Grassfed Beef. (Matheson, CO)
 • DELYAKS - Desert End Ltd. Yaks - Desert End Ltd. Yaks - Your Yak and Yak Product Source. (Montrose, CO)
 • Jupille Ranch - Grass-fed, grass finished beef, lamb and pastured pork. Antibiotic, pesticide and hormone free.. (Montrose, CO)
 • Howland Homestead Farm - We raise Randall cattle, Tamworth pigs, and a variety of heritage breed chickens. . (South Kent, CT)
District of Columbia 
 • Heirloom Country Farms - Heirloom Country Farms . (Archer, FL)
 • 4 Arrows Ranch - Grass Fed Angus Beef, Pastured Pork, Free Range Heritage Turkeys, Wild Caught Seafood.. (Citra, FL)
 • Healthy Habits Co-op - Healthy Habits Co-op - organic produce, eggs, oils, raw FL honey, coffee/tea, clean meats. (Homestead, FL)
 • So Soya+ Foods - So Soya+ Foods- Non-GMO Vegan Meat-Alternatives (Palm Bay, FL). (Palm Bay, FL)
 • C and C Smith Farm - All natural, organic pork, chicken, eggs, produce.. (Port Orange, FL)
 • Florida Fresh Meat Company - Florida Glatt Kosher Meats - 100% Grass Fed Beef, Pastured Lamb, Goat, Chicken & Eggs Farm Raised, Fresh Water Gator. (Summerfield, FL)
 • Pasture Prime Family Farm - Pasture Prime Grass-Fed Beef, Heritage Pork, Chickens, and Turkeys. (Summerfield, FL)
 • This Lil' Piggy Farm - Pork Packages (Whole, Half, Quarter, Regular cuts) from Animal Welfare Approved, Pastured Pigs . (Weirsdale, FL)
 • White Oak Pastures - White Oak Pastures- Georgia Grassfed Beef production for 140 Years.. (Bluffton, GA)
 • DKH Destiny Farm - DKH Destiny Farm- Quaility Dairy Goats and livestock. (Caldwell, ID)
 • SkyLines Farm of Idaho - 100% grassfed lamb & beef for your family since 1992. (Harvard, ID)
 • Alderspring Grass Fed Organic Beef - Grass fed organic beef from the mountains of Idaho. Dry aged. Online ordering available.. (May, ID)
 • Ruprecht Company - a meat processor and distributor, serving the foodservice and retail sectors. (Chicago, IL)
 • Staff of Life Bakery & Farms - Free Range Chickens, Free Range Eggs, Baked Goods. (Dwight, IL)
 • American Wild Foods - Delicious, nutritious, non-GMO organic and wild foods. All things good for you. Lake Forest, IL. (Lake Forest, IL)
 • The Meat Goat - USDA Certified Organic and GrassFed Meat Delivered to your door in Chicagoland.. (McHenry, IL)
 • Grass Corp - a small pasture-based family farm using organic practices.. (Leopold, IN)
 • Fairfield Farm - Grass-fed pasture-raised beef and pork, sustainable practices, potatoes, onions, produce, grains,hay. (Clermont, IA)
 • Ebersole Cattle Co - Happy Healthy Beef, from our family pasture to your plate. Naturally Raised on Grass. (Kellerton, IA)
 • Northeast Iowa Specialty Meats - USDA inspected All-Natural Black Angus Beef , Pork , Chicken. (Vinton, IA)
 • Brantley Family Farm/ Crazy Acres - We raise old-fashioned organic pastured poultry--ours is the tastiest! Pastured organic eggs also. . (De Soto, KS)
 • Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch Inc. - Heritage Chickens (tm) and Heritage Turkeys (tm) - Pastured, hormone free heritage breeds. (lindsborg, KS)
 • Schenker Family Farms - All Natural Beef, Lamb, Pork/Ham. (McCune, KS)
 • Grindstone Neck of Maine, LLC - Naturally Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon and Organic Scottish Salmon. Gourmet Smoked Seafood.. (Winter Harbor, ME)
 • - Organic Grass Fed Beef. Online ordering available.. (Gaithersburg, MD)
 • Nick's Organic Farm - Organic grass fed beef, pastured poultry, free range eggs, grains, livestock feeds, hay, balage.. (Potomac, MD)
 • Manda Organic Farm - Organically raised heritage breed meats, eggs, and vegetables.. (Plainfield, MA)
 • Moon In The Pond Farm - Sustainable farm, Certified Naturally Grown, meat, vegetables, eggs, sausage, specialties.. (Sheffield, MA)
 • Three Roods Farm - Three Roods Farm. (Columbiaville, MI)
 • Oliver Farms - Meats free of chemicals, hormones and vaccinations. (Fostoria, MI)
 • Full Circle Organic Farm - The Best Certified Organic Lamb in the World. (Howell, MI)
 • Creswick Farms - Grassfed Beef & Lamb, Pastured Pork and Poultry. (Ravenna, MI)
 • Coach Stop Farm - Coach Stop Farm Naturally Raised Meats (Pork, Chicken, Lamb) and Farm-Fresh Brown Eggs. (Zeeland, MI)
 • Auntie Annie's Fields, LLC - Pasture raised, organic fed chicken. Our chickens scratch out good, chickenly lives in Minnesota.. (Dundas, MN)
 • The Grass Fed Cattle Co. - 100% Grass Fed Beef - Convient Edina Pickup, Local, Free Range, Antibiotic Free, No Added Hormones. (Edina, MN)
 • Wacholz Farm Grass-fed Meats - Grass-fed Beef & Pork. (Hayward, MN)
 • Earth-Be-Glad Farm - 100% Grassfed Beef. Retail and custom-processed. Also homegrown chicken rised on organic feed.. (Lewiston, MN)
 • Moonstone Farm - During the grazing season they are moved onto fresh forages. (Montevideo, MN)
 • Just Food Co-op - Northfield's only locally-owned natural food grocer. (Northfield, MN)
 • Natural Beef Company - Wholesale Natural Beef: Grass Fed, No Hormones or Antibiotics, Raised Gentle. Order Online.. (Centertown, MO)
 • Full Sircle Farms - Kansas City's Source for Natural Free Range and Grass Fed Meats. (Excelsior Springs, MO)
 • Wells Family Farms - Certified Organic Grass Fed Beef . (King City, MO)
 • Real Farm Foods - All-Natural, Grass-Finished Premium Meats. Hormone, Pesticide, Antibiotic Free. Naturally Grown.. (Norwood, MO)
 • Red Quill Ranch Longhorns - Health Conscious Choose Free Range-No Hormone Longhorn Beef. (Florence, MT)
 • AAHHTT - Dog Behavior, Dog Psychology & Dog Obedience. (Vaughn, MT)
 • Boettcher Organics - an Organic Grass-Fed Beef Provider. (Bassett, NE)
 • 53 Organic beef - organic beef. (Hastings, NE)
New Hampshire 
 • Beyond Organic - Beyond Organic - The Healthiest Food On The Planet - Delivered To Your Door!. (Bedford, NH)
 • Sunnyfield Farm - 100% grass-fed beef and lamb. (Peterborough, NH)
New Jersey 
 • Fossil Farms Farm Raised Game & All Natural Meats - Fossil Farms Farm Raised Game & All Natural Meat - 100 % All Natural. (Boonton, NJ)
 • Fossil Farms Ostrich and Game Meats - Fossil Farms Ostrich and Game Meats ~ All Natural Products 100% Customer Satisfaction. (Boonton, NJ)
 • Vitality Pastures - Vitality Pastures - Organically Fed Pasture Raised Livestock. (Bridgeton, NJ)
 • 7th Heaven Farm LLC - Humanely raised, all-natural (chemical free), pastured (grazing freely) beef, veal, lamb & goat.. (Burlington County, NJ)
 • Old World Organics - Organic Farm Fresh Meats, Dairy and Eggs Delivered to home from Amish farmers of PA. (Colts Neck, NJ)
 • Upper Meadows Farm & CSA - CSA & seasonally available certified organic produce, fruit, and meat. (Montague, NJ)
 • D'Artagnan - Dedicated to purveying the highest Quality, Organic Poultry & Game Meats in the U.S. Try it !. (Newark, NJ)
 • Neptune Farm - Organic meat. (Salem, NJ)
 • Simply Grazin' LLC - Organic Beef, Pork and Chicken For sale to individuals, restaurants and wholesale. (Skillman, NJ)
 • 7th Heaven Farm - All natural, grass fed beef, lamb & goat meat; American Grassfed Association Certified. Order Online. (Tabernacle, NJ)
New Mexico 
 • spahn & friends Bison Ranch LLC - Grass fed, all natural bison meat and by-products. (Raton, NM)
 • Ranchline All Natural - all natural lamb. (Roswell, NM)
 • Flying H Ranch - New Mexico Heritage Hogs - Heritage Pork - The Ultimate Slow Food. (Rowe, NM)
 • JX Ranch Natural Beef - All Natural Grass fed lean beef, no hormones, antibiotics or animal bi-products. We can ship.. (Tucumcari, NM)
New York 
 • High Lonesome Farm - Certified Organic, Animal Welfare Approved, 100% Grassfed, Purebred Angus Beef. (Cincinnatus, NY)
 • Naturally Grass fed - Grass Fed Organic Beef. (Fort Ann, NY)
 • Northern Quest Farm - Northern Quest Farm organic meat. Organic products wholesale.. (Lowville NY 13367, NY)
 • Veritas Farms - Certified Naturally Grown Vegetables, Beef, Poultry, Pork, Eggs. (New Paltz, NY)
 • Predel's Ranch - Natural, farm raised meat ! (Rexford, NY). (Rexford, NY)
 • Kezialain Farm - 100% Grassfed Certified Organic Beef From Small Family Farm in Orange County New York. (Westtown, NY)
North Carolina 
 • Proffitt Family Farms - All Natural 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef from Certified USDA Organic Pastures. Order Online.. (Kings Mountain, NC)
 • Mary L Farm - Organic Turkeys for Holidays. (Mount Ulla, NC)
North Dakota 
 • Timberlane Organic Farms - Ohio Organic Beef. (Bellevue, OH)
 • Buckeye Highlands - organic 100% grass-fed scottish highland beef. (Lisbon, OH)
 • Double Diamond Ranch - Certified Organic Beef and Lamb -- Grassfed. (Baker City, OR)
 • Four Pines Ranch - Oregon 100% Natural Grass-fed Beef. Order online, delivered to your door.. (Baker City, OR)
 • Happy Camper Organic Beef Jerky - Premium Certified USDA Organic Beef Jerky & More Made In America. (Bend, OR)
 • River Run Farm - Certified Organic, Pasture Finished, Black Angus Beef - Sold Frozen, by the Cut. (Clatskanie, OR)
 • Cerigioli Gardens - Cerigioli Gardens - Pastured Poultry & Vegetable CSA Estacada, Oregon. (Estacada, OR)
 • Tualatin Acres Farm - Specializing in grass fed beef (Portland, Oregon). (Hillsboro, OR)
 • Fluit Family Farms - Fluit Family Farms Gourmet 100% Grassfed Beef. Online ordering available - quarter, half, or whole.. (Joseph, OR)
 • Wild Pacific Salmon - Wild Alaska Salmon. (McMinnville, OR)
 • Harlow's Hills West Coast - Natural, Local, Fine Lamb, and Super-Fine Fleece. Pasture raised, fed and finished. Order online.. (Milton-Freewater, OR)
 • Dolce Farm and Orchards - Dolce Farm and Orchards - Pastured Icelandic Lamb and Soy Free Eggs. (Newberg, OR)
 • Flying T Ranch - Free Range All-Natural Salers Beef. We take pride in humane treatment of livestock. Order Online. (Sprague River, OR)
 • Upper Dry Creek Ranch - Grassfed Beef and Grassfed Lamb and Goat. (Weston, OR)
 • Providence Pastures Farm - Erie,PA - Naturally raised chicken, beef, pork, eggs and produce. (Corry, PA)
 • Asherah's Gourmet - 100% Organic Vegan Burgers made from Quinoa and Vegetables. (Furlong, PA)
 • Chapel-Ridge Meat & Mercantile, Inc. - All Natural Beef-No Antibiotics; No Steroids; No GMO's; No Pesticides,Herbicides or Insecticides. (Gettysburg, PA)
 • Jethro's Hare Raising - Jethro's Hare Raising Fresh or Frozen Rabbit Meant and Breeding Stock.. (Gordonville, PA)
 • Pekin Paradise - All-Natural Pekin Duck - Fresh from a Sustainable Farm. Online Ordering & Wholesale Available.. (Hamburg, PA)
 • The Funny Farm - organically pasture raised lamb. (Hop Bottom, PA)
 • Green Alchemy Farm - Green Alchemy Organic Farm. (Kutztown, PA)
 • Starr Valley Farm - Certfied Organic Beef, 100% Grass Fed & Dry Aged for 3 weeks! Online Ordering Available.. (Leechburg, PA)
 • N.S. Troutman & Sons, LLC - competitively-priced, quality beef products for grocery & restaurants, universities. Online Ordering. (Middleburg, PA)
 • Wallace Homestead Farm - All Natural Grass Fed Beef & Pastured Pork & Poultry. Online Ordering Available for Your Convenience. (New Albany, PA)
 • ML organic-fed rabbits - Ml organic-fed rabbit meat....the only organic fed rabbit meat on the market....pure organic. (Newtown, PA)
 • Summit Foods - Organic and chemical free meats and seafood with free home delivery. (North Versailles, PA)
 • Otolith Sustainable Seafood - otolith sustainable seafoods. (Philadelphia, PA)
Rhode Island 
South Carolina 
 • Pee Dee Ranch - Grass Fed and Finished Beef, Lamb, Goat and Heirloom Pastured Pork.. (Cheraw, SC)
 • Caw Caw Creek Pastured Pork - Old Fashioned Pasture Raised Heritage Pork, Certified Humane. Order online, delivered anywhere in US. (Columbia, SC)
 • Native Meats - Healthy foods-locally grown; 100% grass-fed beef & lamb; pasture-raised pork & poultry. Order online. (Greer, SC)
 • Natural Grown Meats - Natural Grown Meats . (NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC)
South Dakota 
 • Nature's Cattle - Natural Grass Feed Longhorn and Shorthorn cattle. (Hot Springs, SD)
 • InterTribal Buffalo Council - Buffalo Meat for Sale - Grassfed. (Rapid City, SD)
 • White Thunder Organics - Organic USA Grass-fed Tar-Angus beef, Organic USA Pastured Berkshire Pork. Online Ordering.. (Wood, SD)
 • Trew Organic Farms - Certified Organic Bershire Pork (Ocoee) Online ordering available.. (Ocoee, TN)
 • sendero brothers all natural grassfed beef - All natural grassfed Texas beef by cut or 1/4s,1/2s-free delivery in DFW over 90.00 Online Ordering.. (arlington, TX)
 • Triple H Ranch, Texas Grass Fed Organic Beef and Kid (goat) CSA - Triple H Ranch Texas Organic Free Range Grass Fed Beef and Kid, (Goat). (Cooper, TX)
 • Aquilla Hill Angus Farm - Doing What Nature Does. (Covington, TX)
 • Cottonwood Creek Ranch - Super Lean, Grass Fed Texas Longhorn Beef. Online Ordering - order direct and save. Home Delivery.. (Ennis, TX)
 • Frontier Meats - Certified USDA Organic Beef, Goat, Mutton, Buffalo, Lamb, Venison, Ostrich, Wild Boar.. (Fort Worth, TX)
 • Burgundy Pasture Beef - 100% pastured beef. Pastured Pork, Chicken & Lamb. Order online. Home delivery in Dallas/Ft. Worth.. (Grandview, TX)
 • Betsy Ross Grass-fed Beef - Betsy Ross Grass-fed Beef - the best in Texas!. (Granger, TX)
 • Rehoboth Ranch - Grass Fed Beef and Lamb (no grain) and Pastured Poultry and Pork (fed non-GMO grain on pasture). (Greenville, TX)
 • Crawley's Country Beef - Organically raised & bred Texas beef, fattened on organic pasture. Online ordering available.. (Hubbard, TX)
 • Shady Grove Ranch - Shady Grove Ranch Naturally Pasture-Raised Meats and Eggs. (Jefferson, TX)
 • Third Day Beef - Buy all natural organic beef straight from the farm. Order steaks online.. (Navasota, TX)
 • SeaBreeze Premium Goats - Premium, All Natural, Free Range Goats and Chickens delivered to all of the greater Houston, TX area. (San Leon, TX)
 • McAllen Ranch All Natural Beef - Family owned ranch since 1791. Humanely raised, hormone-free, grass-fed beef.. (San Manuel, TX)
 • Gods Way Beef - God's Way Beef- Grassfed, nothing but beef and other home grown products as God provided them.. (Tulia, TX)
 • Bar 10 Beef - Bar 10 Beef - Gourmet All Natural Grass Fed Beef. (St. George, UT)
 • North Hollow Farm - organic beef, pork, chicken, goat and lamb meat.. (Rochester, VT)
 • Dragonfly Farms - All Naural, All Grass Fed Belted Galloway and Angus Beef and Pastured Eggs. (Beaverdam, VA)
 • Mountain Run Farm - Mountain Run Farm - offering grassfed meats; beef, pork, chickens, turkeys, catfish. (Big Island, VA)
 • Tendergrass Farms - Grass Fed Meats - Shipped to you on dry ice!. (Floyd, VA)
 • Smith Family Farm - Smith Family Farm. (Gainesville, VA)
 • Little Wicomico Oyster Company, LLC - Premium, fresh Chesapeake Bay oysters - Farm Raised. Order Online.. (Heathsville, VA)
 • Off The Vine Market, Inc. - Online Ordering of Local & Regional Fares from Virginia Farms & Producers + We Deliver Milk. (Lanexa, VA)
 • Davis Creek Farm - Highest Quality All Natural Grass-fed Beef and Pastured Poultry. Online Ordering Available.. (Lovingston, VA)
 • Natures Choice Farms - All Natural Grown Produce, Pastured Poultry, Eggs Delivered By Natures Choice Farms. (Lunenburg, VA)
 • Khimaira Farm - Organic farm setting for hosting weddings. (Luray, VA)
 • Grand Beginnings - Pastured Meats, Eggs, Eco-Tours, Cabin Rental, Educational Seminars.......... (Scottsville, VA)
 • Charis Eco-Farm - All Natural Meat, Eggs & Produce. (Staunton, VA)
 • Full Quiver Farm - Natural Meats and Poultry with Cow Share Dairy. (Suffolk, VA)
 • Beatrix Farm - Healthy pastured chicken and forested pork raised with non-GMO grain and no medications or hormones.. (White Post, VA)
 • Berriedale Farms - Heritage Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef. (Williamsville, VA)
 • Organic Pacific Gourmet - Organic Beef & Chicken Products. (Bellingham, WA)
 • Northwest Wild Foods - Specializing in wild berries, organic berries, wild seafood and health foods. (Burlington, WA)
 • Minterbrook Oyster Co - 100% Natural Pacific Oysters. (Gig Harbor, WA)
 • Jones Family Farms - Quality Meats & Seafood. (Lopez Island, WA)
 • - All natural beef jerky, buffalo jerky, turkey jerky & organic beef jerky. (Seattle, WA)
 • Skiyou Ranch - 100% Grass fed Certified Organic Angus Beef. (Sedro Woolley, WA)
 • 3 Eagles Ranch - 3 Eagles Ranch, goats, ducks,eggs and chickens.. (Winlock, WA)
West Virginia 
 • misty mountain farm - Misty Mountain Farm- direct farm to consumer sales of grass fed beef and chicken. (grantsville, WV)
 • Sarver Heritage Farm - Sarver Heritage Farm. Hormone-Free, Antibiotic Free Beef. Pasture Raised, Grass Fed - Naturally!. (Ronceverte, WV)
 • Down The Road-Organic Direct - Organic dairy & meats delivered - direct to you . (Aniwa, WI)
 • Anderson Farm - We raise grass fed Beef, and pastured Pork & Poultry in our carefully managed pastureland.. (Arkansaw, WI)
 • Lambsquarters Grass-fed Lamb - Tender all natural grass-fed lamb; whole, half, or individual cuts. You order online, we serve! . (Athens, WI)
 • Larsons' Greenfarms LLC - Certified organic black angus beef and organic chicken for sale. (Brodhead, WI)
 • Fox Valley Berkshire - 100% Natural Berkshire Pork. (Fond du Lac, WI)
 • Golden Bear Farm - Wisconsin Raised Grass-fed Beef and Berkshire Pork on certified organic pastures. Order Online.. (Kiel, WI)
 • Good Earth Farms - A Certified Organic Farm Offering Grass-Fed Beef and Pasture-Raised Poultry, Lamb and Pork. (Milladore, WI)
 • Coon Creek Family Farm - Organically grown for your family as we do for ours!. (Mondovi, WI)
 • Nordic Hills Farm - Nordic Hills Farm - Grass-fed beef, lamb and pastured organic broilers. (Ontario, WI)
 • Ney's Big Sky - Certified USDA Organic Hereford and Angus Beef. (Slinger, WI)
 • Damar Farms Organic Angus Meats, LLC - Steakhouse quality organic Angus steaks, roast, ground beef. Sides, quarters or cuts. Buy Online. (Strum, WI)
 • Guttenberg Farms,LLC - USDA Certified Organic Pastured Heritage Turkeys and Chickens. (Taylor, WI)
 • Thunderbasin Land & Livestock - Grass-fed Organic Beef. (Cheyenne, WY)
 • Heart Mountain Valley Ranch - Wyoming's Pure Organic Beef. (Cody, WY)
 • Fort Causeway - Pastured milk fed pork, poultry, lamb, beef on a family Draft Horse powered farm . (lovell, WY)
 • Rocky Mountain Organic Meats - Rocky Mountain Organic Meats 100% Grass Fed Beef. (Powell, WY)
 • EZ Rocking Ranch - Grassfed Beef, Eggs, Pork, Milk Cow Shares, In season produce and fruits. (Recluse, WY)
 • Cameron Ranch - Grass fed beef and lamb. (Riverton, WY)
 • Wyoming Pure Natural Beef - Organically raised, dry-aged Wyoming beef.. (Wheatland, WY)
 • GuittonFarms - organic beef. (Claresholm, AB)
British Columbia 
 • Sumas Mountain Farms - Organic Grass-Fed Beef, Free-Range Eggs. Serving Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission & More. Order Online. (Abbotsford, BC)
 • Crocusview Farm - Certified Organic Bison, Certified Organic Wheat/Flax. (Kenton, MB)
New Brunswick 
North West Terr. 
Nova Scotia 
 • Ashton Glen Farm - Organic Grassfed Beef and Yorkshire Pork. (Ashton, ON)
 • Fairchild Farm - Canadian Grassfed Beef and willow cuttings. (Cambridge, ON)
 • Yorkshire Valley Farms Ltd. - Naturally delicious, organic, free-range chickens fed only the finest certified organic grains . (Peterborough, ON)
 • McSmiths Organic Farm - Affordable Organics for Families: Organic Meat, Eggs, Chicken, Vegetables Online Ordering Available!. (St. Thomas, ON)
 • The Healthy Butcher - Organic Butcher Shop - Specializing in Organic Meat and Express Gourmet. Order Organic Meat Online.. (Toronto, ON)
 • Miskin Meadows Farm - Organically grown Pork, Beef, Chicken, Goat, Eggs,Piglets (weiners), Certified Organic Feeds & food. (Vankleek Hill, ON)
Prince Edward Isl. 
 • Distribution Biodirect - Distribution Biodirect --- Bringing Quebec Organics into Ottawa/Gatineau. (Gatineau, QB)
Yukon Territory 
American Samoa 
Puerto Rico 
Baja California Norte 
Baja California Sur 
Coahuila De Zaragoza 
Distrito Federal 
Michoacan De Ocampo 
Nuevo Leon 
Queretaro De Arteaga 
Quintana Roo 
San Luis Potosi 
Veracruz Llave 
 Well Hung Meat Company - Well Hung Meat Company. (Buckfastleigh, Devon, United-Kingdom)
 Higher Hacknell Farm - Supplying Top Quality, Fresh, Organic Meat direct to your door.. (Umberleigh, United-Kingdom)
 FoodPrints - Organic Beef. (Beechwood, Australia)
 OSO, Organic & Wild Madagascan Prawns - OSO, The premium brand of Organic and Wild Madagascan prawns. Sustainable seafood.. (VITROLLES Cedex 9, France)
 PRODUCTOS SELECTOS CARNUZ, S.A. DE C.V. - Carne Suprema de Avestruz. (Ciudad de MĂ©xico, Mexico)
 GE Organika - Carne Orgánica. (Garza Garcia, Mexico)
 Mountain Valley organic meats - Mountain Valley organicmeats, Highland Beef & Wiltshire Lamb raised on Alpine & herbal pastures. (Otautau, New-Zealand)
 Organic Livestock - Organic Livestock! Poultry products not fed with chemical foods.. (Cebu, Philippines)
 Organic shrimp South Tropical Naturland Brand - Shrimp Organic South Tropical Naturland Brand. (Guayaquil, other)
 Expalsa s.a. - Organic shrimp. (Guayaquil - Ecuador, other)