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genetically engineered food
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True Food Network - Action Alert

Greenpeace Shuts Down Shaw's Distribution Center

Call Shaw's Headquarters to Demand End of Genetic Experiment

Today, in a dramatic action to stop the distribution of genetically engineered (GE) food by Shaw's and Star Markets, Greenpeace activists blocked the gates of the main food distribution center for the New England supermarket chain. Greenpeace activists locked themselves to buses in front of three of the center's entrances to prevent the company's continued distribution of risky GE food to its stores.

Today's lockdown comes after Shaw's CEO Paul Gannon has failed to act on concerns of tens of thousands of his customers who want an end to the company's use of GE food.

CALL SHAW'S TO SUPPORT GREENPEACE ACTIVISTS TO DISCUSS HOW IT CAN ELIMINATE GE INGREDIENTS FROM ITS STORE BRAND PRODUCTS Join Greenpeace today by calling the Shaw's headquarters! Demand that the supermarket chain stop its use of GE food in its store brand products.

PHONE SHAW'S HEADQUARTERS RIGHT NOW: 508-313-4000 Please pass on this email to four of your friends! For more information about the Shaw's supermarket campaign, go to Want to take action to demand your local supermarket go GE-free? Click here for information  
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genetically engineered food

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