genetically engineered food
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genetically engineered food
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Sample Letter To the Editor

To the Editor:

Last year over 90 million acres of genetically engineered (GE) crops were grown in the United States. I am deeply concerned with the way these ingredients have been sneaked into the food on my grocery store shelves without proper safety testing. Has the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fallen asleep at the wheel? Or have the special interest groups pressured them to look the other way? Upwards of two-thirds of all processed food in stores like <SUPERMARKET CHAIN contains genetically engineered ingredients such as corn and soy, yet the FDA does not require safety testing of these foods.

Over 90% of Americans want these foods labeled, so they can choose to avoid them. Trader Joe's, Wild Oats and Whole Foods have already agreed to remove GE ingredients from their store brand products. <SUPERMARKET CHAIN should respect consumers' wishes and do the same. The British Medical Association has called for a ban of GE food ingredients until further research into potential health and environmental impacts is conducted. Why then are American consumers being used as guinea pigs in <SUPERMARKET CHAIN'S science experiments?




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genetically engineered food

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