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genetically engineered food
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                              
 May 10, 2002



Mothers Join Greenpeace, Organic Consumers Association, Pesticide Action Network to Protest Safeway's Use of Untested Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Pleasanton, Calif. - In honor of Mother's Day, mothers, Greenpeace, Organic Consumers Association and Pesticide Action Network joined together at Safeway's headquarters to protest the grocery chains use of genetically engineered (GE) foods. The group is demanding that Safeway remove untested GE ingredients from its store brand products and in particular its Select brand infant formula. The activists conveyed their message with a banner reading, "Safeway's Genetically Engineered Food Tested on Kids, Not Mother Approved." The group also requested a meeting with Safeway's CEO, Steven Burd, about these risky foods and promises to continue to pressure Safeway until it commits to going GE-free.

Laboratory testing commissioned by Greenpeace has revealed that Safeway Select Infant Formula is made with genetically engineered soy. The findings follow a recent report by the preeminent British scientific organization, The British Royal Society, which called for infant formulas that contain genetically engineered ingredients to be "investigated more rigorously" because infants are more vulnerable to potential health risks of these experimental foods.

"Safeway is making children the guinea pigs in the genetic experiment on our food supply," said Jeanne Merrill, Greenpeace genetic engineering campaigner.   "Safeway must act to protect children and their families by removing genetically engineered ingredients from its infant formulas and all other store brand products."

The British Royal Society, the UK's National Academy of Sciences, in the report, Genetically Modified Plants for Food Use and Human Health - An update, called for more health safety tracking of genetically engineered food products, particularly those foods consumed by infants. The scientists note that infants are especially vulnerable to the health risks caused by genetically engineered foods, since formula is often their sole or primary food for an extended period. The report specifically mentions allergies as a potential consequence that should be monitored among infants and children who are exposed to GE foods.

"Safeway's GE foods are not even labeled, so there is no way for parents or doctors to monitor these critical health issues," stated concerned mother Judith Barish. "People have the right to know what they are feeding their children. If Safeway truly cares about their customers, it will stop secretly polluting their food."

Safeway uses genetically engineered food in its store brand products without any warning to its customers. By keeping its use of genetically engineered ingredients a secret, American shoppers are left in the dark about this important health and environmental issue. Since Safeway won't let consumers know about genetically engineered food, Greenpeace has complied a list of over 2,000 food products that do and do not contain genetically engineered products. The True Food Shopping List can be found at

Greenpeace is advising shoppers to:

* Let Safeway know they don't want genetic experiments in their food;

* Become informed shoppers by reading labels and identifying foods that are commonly engineered, like corn, soy, and canola or cotton seed oil; and

.           Visit the Web sites and and www.organicconsumers .org

CONTACT: Alisa Arnett, Greenpeace media, (415) 255-9221, ext. 330; (415) 407-9293 mobile or Jeanne Merrill, Greenpeace GE Campaigner (415) 999-4249.

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genetically engineered food

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