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Who We Are Targeting

Tell Your Supermarket to Stop Using Untested, Unlabeled Genetically Engineered Foods! Trader Joe's, Wild Oats, and Whole Foods have already committed to removing GE ingredients from their store brand "private label" products. It's time for YOUR LOCAL SUPERMARKET CHAIN to make the same commitment. JOIN THE CAMPAIGN by leafleting in front of your local supermarket.

Safeway Premium genetically engineered foods

Safeway is the nation's third largest grocer and operates 1475 supermarkets across the United States and 210 stores in Canada. Safeway has over 2500 store brand products, (Safeway, Safeway Select, Verdi, Lucerne, Mrs. Wright's) which account for about 25% of their profits. Safeway also owns Dominick's Supermarkets, Genuardi's Family Markets Randall's Food Markets Von's

Safeway and Safeway-owned stores are in the following states:
California, Washington, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, Alaska, Nevada, Hawaii, District of Columbia, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, CANADA: Alberta ,British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario.


Shaw's Supermarkets are a New England chain that is owned by Sainsbury's markets in the UK, which does not use GE ingredients in their products sold in Britain. 40% of their sales come from private label products. Shaw's has been the focus of a regional campaign for over a year and has refused to listen to their cusCraigers

Shaw's and Star Market own 165 stores in the following states:
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode, Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine.

food emporium
Food Emporium

Food Emporium has over 35 stores in 3 states and has been the target of an ongoing campaign in New York to rid their store brands of GE ingredients. A&P, the parent company of Food Emporium, is owned by a German grocer who is GE free abroad - yet Food Emporium continues to sell GE foods to American cusCraigers. Thousands of Private label products are sold in their stores under the names "Master's Choice" and America's Choice"

Food Emporium can be found in the following states:
Connecticut, New Jersey, New York.


This Florida-based grocery chain has 673 stores in the Southeast. They pride themselves on environmental leadership, yet have so far refused to take a stand on GE foods.

Publix can be found in the following states:
Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South, Carolina.

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