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Monsanto Tribunal Invites Monsanto to Participate in Citizens’ Tribunal

Letter sent via registered mail was declined

July 21, 2016

U.S.: Katherine Paul,, 207-653-3090
Netherlands: Tjerk Dalhuisen,, +31614699126
Mexico, Latin America: Ercilia Sahores,, 52 55 6257 7901  

THE HAGUE, Netherlands—The International Monsanto Tribunal has officially invited Monsanto to participate in the citizens’ tribunal which will be held October 15-16 in The Hague, Netherlands. The letter, sent via registered mail from Amsterdam, was declined.

“We are not surprised that Mr. Grant declined to receive this letter,” said Vandana Shiva, a member of the Tribunal organizing committee. “Monsanto has a long history of hiding the damage and pain and suffering inflicted by its products on human health and the environment. Just like Monsanto hides its GMO ingredients through the DARK Act, through denying labeling in the United States, it is hiding from a people’s trial. This does not mean we will not put them on trial.”

In the letter, addressed to Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant, two of the Monsanto Tribunal judges wrote:

“The Foundation Stichting Monsanto Tribunal believes it to be of the highest importance that Monsanto itself is given ample opportunity to present its views to the Tribunal, in order to ensure that the Tribunal is fully informed and equipped to provide an assessment that is based on the fullest range of information possible.”

Monsanto was given until October 1, 2016 to submit a written brief and/or to respond to the Tribunal’s invitation to send legal representation to The Hague.

Background on Tribunal judges and lawyers


More on the Monsanto Tribunal

The Monsanto Tribunal is an international civil society initiative to hold Monsanto accountable for human rights violations, for crimes against humanity, and for ecocide. Eminent judges will hear testimonies from victims, and deliver an advisory opinion following procedures of the International Court of Justice. A parallel People's Assembly provides the opportunity for social movements to rally and plan for the future we want. The Tribunal and People's Assembly will take place between 14 and 16 October 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands.