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OCA and Teamsters: "Whole Foods, Be Fair to Beef Workers!"

WASHINGTON, DC - September 29, 20008 - The Organic Consumers Association and the Teamsters Union today called on Whole Foods Market to use its influence to put an end to labor rights violations at three Beef Northwest feedlots in Oregon and to respect the United Farm Workers' (UFW) union efforts.

Beef Northwest finishes cattle for the Country Natural Beef label and has been accused of chronic labor abuses and discrimination of workers' rights by its employees. The United Farm Workers were approached by Beef Northwest workers in the fall of 2006 seeking representation. Whole Foods is the nation's largest distributor of Country Natural Beef and an industry leader in promoting animal welfare standards. Whole Foods, however, has failed to demand equal protection for the farm workers who produce its Country Natural Beef.  

"Whole Foods has led the industry in implementing humane standards for meat, dairy, and seafood production, yet has lagged behind protecting domestic farm workers and other agriculture workers," said Organic Consumers Association Executive Director Ronnie Cummins. "OCA believes that workers' rights, the freedom to form a union and fair trade principles are fundamental ingredients for a food and farming system that is organic and just."

"Workers' rights are just as important as eliminating pesticides on food and stopping animal abuse," said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. "It's time that Whole Foods truly starts living up to its marketing strategy."

Organic Consumers Association, the Teamsters Union and the United Farm Workers will be mobilizing members and supporters the weekend of October 4-5 to send a message to Whole Foods executives: No Sweatshop Beef! In a ground-breaking partnership, labor unions, farm workers and concerned consumers will be banding together to educate Whole Foods' customers and employees.Use this paragraph to dig a bit deeper. Tell your audience what you want them to know about your company/product/service.
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