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Organic Consumers Association Responds to Handsome Brook Lawsuit

Nonprofit Stands by Claims, Will File Motion to Dismiss


December 12, 2017

Contact: Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers Association,, 207-653-3090

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Ronnie Cummins, international director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), said this today in response to a lawsuit filed against the nonprofit by Handsome Brook Farm:

“This lawsuit is a reactionary attempt to distract from a lawsuit filed last year by OCA against Handsome Brook. That lawsuit seeks to address Handsome Brook’s sale of eggs labeled ‘Pasture Raised’ when in fact they are not, in violation of the D.C. Consumer Protection Procedures Act (DCCPPA).

“OCA stands by its lawsuit, which the D.C. Superior Court ruled in January could proceed. In denying Handsome Brook’s motion to dismiss, the D.C. Superior Court held that OCA made clear allegations concerning Handsome Brook’s misrepresentation of its eggs as ‘Pasture Raised’ in violation of the DCCPPA.

OCA will move to dismiss Handsome Brook’s lawsuit.”

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