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Press Advisory on Seattle Trader Joe's Food Dump Event



For Immediate Release: May 20, 2011

CONTACT: Alexis Baden-Mayer: 202-744-0853


ATTENTION: Photo Desk, Food and Consumer Affairs Reporters                          

WHAT:            Activists will dump Genetically Engineered (GE) Food and hold a press event in front of the University Trader Joe’s Market.

Consumers will tell Trader Joe’s to stop selling unlabeled foods containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). This is part of a growing national Truth-in-Labeling movement.


WHEN:            May 24th, Noon


WHERE:          Trader Joe's, 4555 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle


FACT: The overwhelming majority of non-organic processed foods currently sold in the U.S. contain unlabeled Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) derived from GE soybeans, corn, canola, sugar beets, cottonseed oil, or growth hormones. In addition, according to USDA statistics, most non-organic meat, dairy, and eggs are currently produced on factory farms or CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations), where the intensively confined animals are routinely fed GMO soy or corn, and injected or fed GM hormones, antibiotics, and vaccines.


Trader Joe’s claims that all products under Trader Joe's private label are sourced from non-genetically modified ingredients. However, Trader Joe's makes no claims that any of the other non-organic foods in their stores are GMO-free.   

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