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American Thoracic Society Member Survey on Climate Change and Health


Climate change is making people sicker, according physicians surveyed by the American Thoracic Society (ATS).

The ATS, in collaboration with George Mason University, surveyed a random sample of its members to assess their “perceptions of, clinical experiences with, and preferred policy responses to climate change.”

From the journal abstract:

A majority of respondents indicated they were already observing health impacts of climate change among their patients, most commonly as increases in chronic disease severity from air pollution (77%), allergic symptoms from exposure to plants or mold (58%), and severe weather injuries (57%). A larger majority anticipated seeing these climate-related health impacts in the next 2 decades.

President Obama took up the “climate change affects public health” conversation with CNN this week. What was left out of the conversation? The impact of industrial, chemical-intensive, GMO monoculture ag on the climate and, ultimately, your health.

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