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Industry Financing Interferes with Studies on GM Food Safety

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Research published in a leading scientific journal found strong indications that commercial interests interfere with peer reviewed articles on health risks of genetically modified plants.

The study, published in Food Policy, found a strong association between author affiliation to the GM industry-professional conflict of interest-and outcome of the safety studies.

The published study involved 94 articles selected through objective criteria.

The study found:

  • a strong association between author affiliation to the GM industry (professional conflict of interest) and study outcome
  • at least one of the authors was connected to industry in almost half the GM health and nutrition studies analyzed
  • where there was such a conflict of interest, 100% of the studies (41 out of 41) made a favorable GM safety finding.
  • studies funded by industry or involving scientists employed by industry are almost certain to produce conclusions in favor of product commercialization. 
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