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An International Open Archive for 5000 Research Paper on Organics

Subject: A new source of information on organics - Organic Eprints

July 4, 2006
Hugo F. Alroe writes:

Dear Organic Consumers,
You may wish to inform your readers and members about an important source of information on organics, the internet archive Organic Eprints.

Organic Eprints ( ) is an international open archive for papers and other information related to research in organic agriculture. The archive was established in 2002 and there are now more than 5000 papers from over 25 different countries. Some of the main objectives are to facilitate communication and improve the dissemination and impact of organic research.

The archive is now recognised as a valuable source of information with more than 100.000 visitors per month. Recently, Organic Eprints was added as one of about 20 preferred web sources for the scientific search site Scirus, together with the archives of NASA, in physics, BioMed Central in medicine and other leaders in the field ( Scirus is an Elsevier site that is recognised at one of the most comprehensive science-specific search engines on the Internet.

Kind regards,
Hugo F. Alroe
Administrator of Organic Eprints -
Senior Scientist at the Danish Research Centre for Organic Food and Farming - Personal work page: