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Irradiated Foods Cause MS in 3 Months

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin performed studies on cats to determine if the myelin sheath of nerves can regenerate. They fed cats a diet of irradiated foods for 3 to 4 months to damage the cats nerves and this resulted in classic multiple sclerosis symptoms of paralysis, loss of vision, and loss of mobility.

Presumably the researchers knew to feed irradiated foods to cats to produce MS symptoms from the news from Australia where 16 cats were euthanized after eating irradiated cat foods. The Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS) announced that irradiated cat foods would no longer be acceptable for import but that irradiated dog foods must be labeled "Must not be fed to cats". Evidently the AQIS have no good intent for the dogs of Australia or they are just extremely thick in the head.

After changing the diet of the damaged cats back to regular cat foods most but not all of the myelin nerve sheath returned to normal and the conclusion was that nerves could repair themselves over time.

The FDA in America has been steadily approving irradiated foods for humans but no long term studies of ill effect are done to prove safety. The longest study done so far lasted 15 weeks. Irradiated foods are not radioactive but irradiation acts by breaking down the DNA of germs to kill them. This also breaks down the DNA of foodstuffs that are irradiated and this mutates the DNA of the foods you eat. It is the new chemical compounds formed in irradiated foods and the mutated DNA in foodstuffs that worry many scientists that we are creating "Frankenfoods" by irradiation which are totally changed and alien foodstuffs for human consumption The long term effects on humans are totally unknown but much of the worldwide populations are now unwelcome human test subjects for the the human safety experiments of major food companies.