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New Study Says Climate Change Already Affecting Washington

New Study Says Climate Change Already Affecting Washington .

By Gene Johnson,

The Associated Press,

January 10, 2007

" From more devastating wildfires to decreased snow in the mountains, climate change is already affecting Washington's economy, a new report says... The report was commissioned by the state departments of Ecology and Community Trade and Economic Development, and was researched and written by Climate Leadership Initiative at the University of Oregon, with guidance from Washington economists and scientists... Among the gravest concerns are effects that retreating snowpack in the mountains will have on hydropower generation, drinking water supplies, irrigation for crops and stream flows for salmon. As many as 75 percent of glaciers in the North Cascades could vanish in this century if those warming predictions prove true, the report said." ( See the full report: Impacts of Climate Change on Washington's Economy , PDF, 122 pages.)