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Why Organic is Better (IFOAM) Advocacy Leaflets for Downloading

IFOAM Advocacy Leaflets Free to Use

As a new instrument for advocacy, IFOAM has developed a series of leaflets to be used in direct lobbying. These leaflets communicate the benefits of organic agriculture and related systems in a straightforward way that is accessible to policymakers and the public in general, and clearly outline corresponding threats or counter points. Much of the information in the leaflets is based upon IFOAM dossiers or other in-depth publications available on IFOAM’s website.

Organic Agriculture and Seed Diversity <>

Organic Agriculture and Food Security <>

Organic Agriculture and Biodiversity <>

Organic Agriculture and Rural Development <>

Organic Agriculture and Participatory Guarantee Systems <>

IFOAM encourages its members to download these leaflets and use them for their own advocacy purposes.