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Bait and Switch: Genetically Engineered Gene-Therapy Drugs

It’s a tragedy that all of us who knew about the dangers of GMOs, genetically engineered bioweapons, Big Pharma criminality, and the threat of out-of-control corporations and the national security state were not organized into a more powerful, united, and militant resistance several years ago. At the crucial moment when dangerous, experimental gene-therapy drugs were forced onto the market, and injected into the bodies of a fearful and coerced population, under the guise that they were harmless and effective COVID “vaccines,” we should have been able to stop them. Unfortunately, we didn’t. The major reason we couldn’t stop this massive assault on the body politic and our children is because the America we live in today is not really a democracy, but rather an oligarchy, a 21st Century corporate, technocratic, bio-medical, national security state.

Because we were threatened by what they said was an unprecedented public health emergency, Anthony Fauci, Big Pharma, and the Trump administration, followed by the Biden Administration, told us that the COVID mRNA “vaccines” needed to be rushed to market, at “Warp Speed,” with no liability for injury or death on the part of the manufacturers. They said that these mRNA shots needed to be injected into everyone, even healthy adults, those who already had acquired natural immunity, and youth and children, who faced little or no threat from SARS-CoV-2. For those who refused the jabs, you could lose your job, your schooling, your livelihood, your freedom to travel, or even your right to attend religious services. In China, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada the mandates and lockdowns were even more severe than the U.S.

The COVID authoritarians demonized critics of the official narrative, including OCA and yours truly, shut down schools and businesses, and forced everyone to wear masks, knowing the majority of those worn were useless to stop the tiny, aerosolized particles of the virus. They demanded that the generic, repurposed malaria and parasite drugs and natural supplements being successfully used in early treatment of COVID be banned, and that scientists and doctors who deviated from the government mandates had to be silenced, de-platformed, and de-licensed.

A central strategy in this modern day coup d’état, what the perpetrators of the COVID-19 “vaccine” disaster, and their recipients of Big Pharma advertising dollars in the mass media, concealed is that the so-called Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines and boosters were not actually vaccines at all, but are in fact genetically engineered gene-therapy drugs. These mRNA “vaccines in name only” (VINOS) had never before been properly safety-tested in humans, or even animals. Moreover, these gene-therapy drugs were being rushed to market by corrupt pharmaceutical corporations with a history of fraud (for which they had paid billions of dollars in fines and legal settlements) and criminal negligence. Several years ago when a number of gene therapy drugs were injected into children, who subsequently died, the serious dangers of experimental gene therapy drugs had become commonly acknowledged.

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